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    I had a thought this weekend as I was using my WebOS. I have been there from the beginning (CES announcement) and a day one owner. I love the phone and all that I can do with it. I homebrew, hack, modify, and play around in linux. It is far and away the best phone OS experience I have seen.

    All that said, it reminded me of the days when I was on Microsoft Windows and looking out at the OSX fans. Here they had a better OS that did not have the same adoption as Windows due to barrier of entry. I mocked them for the allegiance and flaunted my ability to any software out there due to market share. Yet, here I am on the other side of the coin. I envy the app selection, yet love the OS. Do others feel the same?
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    I do.

    I used to love saying "My old Apache could do that for YEARS before the fruit could" but eventually stale development in the WinMo world drove me to look elsewhere. I toyed with Android but was enamored with WebOS to the point of blind infatuation and came to the Pre about a month after launch day (I was broke in June )

    Now I look at other OS's (including WinMO 6.5) and miss some functionality (Skype is a big one, voice dial another). I never was really a gamer so while I am happy to see the Pre run 3d games it never really mattered to me (though I bought about 5 games only to find out I can't run them with out a reboot).

    Here's to hoping for more API's and increased developer interest.

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