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    I just realized that the evo's screen is the exact same size as how large the mogul is,period. That's insanely big!
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    I had a fact it's still sitting in a box. I loved that WinMo brick.

    I can't believe I used to carry that around. It's the Smartphone equiv of a bag-phone
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    that thing was a tank, virtually indestructible
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    I had one, it was a brick but my dirst smartphone. Then I got the tp1 but the mogul looked better.
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    I had a Mogul too. Went from Treo 650->Mogul->Touch Pro->Pre->(future) Evo

    Mogul was clunky but HTC has really stepped up their game since then. I loved having GPS nav on my phone a good year or so before iPhone ever had it and that thing was fun to cook ROMs for.

    Funny thing is how I was talking to a guy who does work for HTC and he was telling me how they have been working on the Evo for a good 2 or 3 years. Looks like they were reading all those threads back in the day on PPC Geeks about what your dream phone would look like. Big screen, 1ghz processor, front camera, 4g, tons of RAM...Just took them a while to do the R&D and for the parts to get cheap enough. The jump in quality from the Mogul and Tilt days to the Nexus One and Evo and the other HTC phones coming out is really great. Looks like their company is going all out these days.
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    man i miss msn search with voice on my mogul, still travel with mine in case i need a backup... wish my pre did some of things it did.
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    Windows Mobile was always very powerful...just not user friendly and often times not responsive at all.

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