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    ok so ive heard so much about the screen size so i decided to take a look at a lengthly 43 min review on youtube,throughout the whole video ther was only 2 things that got me thinking "i like that" and thats the weather blending into the background on the home screen (prety lame yes but i liked it never the less lol) and the image viewer (photo roll) but only realy the way the next images were at differant angles as such

    so in a nutshell and my opinion it has nothing on the pre/pre plus apart from the build quality (but no1 is going to do a review and post it on youtube and have 2 say excuse the crack/broken this that or the other,must say tho i have had no problems with build quality with my pre but saw alot of people here on pc who have had a lot of troubles)

    so what do u guys think?am i missing something?
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    the snapdragon processor and bonus ram (though its the same with pre plus) which from what ive seen make it blazing fast

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