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    Looking for a pen/stylus combo. Any suggestions?
    I've used the Tornado pen (little bit too small) and don't really want a multi-function pen (pen/stylus/pencil/highlighter). Would love for someone to come out with an adult version of the tornado.
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    I picked mine up from CompUSA, fits right in the Silo.
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    If it doesn't need to fit in the silo, the Fisher pen/stylus is quite nice. I've been using it for some time.
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    The Pentopia is a great stylus - can't be beat if it has to fit in the silo.

    If not, there are a lot of good choices. I have a combo pen/mech. pencil/stylus thing I got from CompUSA for $10 and it works great, except that it is about as thick as the visor!
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    Originally posted by coppertop
    Looking for a pen/stylus combo. Any suggestions?
    The Phoenix Stylus from Red Phoenix Design is a nice little pen - good point on the stylus - doesn't fit in the silo
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    I've used the Fisher and like it because the pen is thick enough to hold.

    I bought the Cross pen/stylus for my Mom and her Visor. It writes beautifully and fits in the silo.

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