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    The Pre was discounted in many outlets a few months after it's release. Will the EVO experience the same? What do you think?
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    It all depends on the marketing of the phone and other phones that will be released that are 4g capable. Also depends on what their specs are and how well they do with the purchase to return ratio.

    At this point, probably not because it is the only one out there and the specs are killer, but only time will tell as other companies release their models. Once that happens, we might see some discounts.
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    From some of the talk on this and other boards, it sounds the EVO will have people lined up to get one. No reason to drop the price if the device is selling!
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    Look at the HTC Touch Pro 2 .. its been out for ~7months and still is $300 WITH a 2 year contract.. im guessing EVO will be the same
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    It all depends on and demand.

    If people are buying them up faster than they can keep them in stock, then there is no reason they would drop the price.

    If sales are slow, then you can bet the price will drop.
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    there will be no reason for drastic price cuts unless it doesn't sell good. Just like the moment and hero. The hero is still 150 and the moment dropped to 100 because the moment doesn't sell good.. The pre drops in price for a reason.

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