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    Hello. I posted this on the Centro thread also but I thought I could get some experienced answers here as well.

    If you LOVED your Centro at the time of its death

    1. what phone do you have now?

    2. How do you like it?

    3. What things about the Centro do you miss?

    4. What things about your new phone do you like much better than your Centro?

    I just LOVE my Centro (I even got it for my "new phone" last year after my old phone died -- it was cheaper than using insurance). However, I can see that it is slowly fading away, and I'm thinking if it does die, it will be time to move on. Any help old centro lovers can give me will be appreciated!

    P.S. I have already decided against the Pre. I'm still open to a Droid phone, Iphone, or Blackberry.
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    After my Centro I got a Pre and I would never go back.

    The internet is waaaaaaay better. The user interface is waaaay better. The UI isn't as fast, but with the 800 mhz patch, it's actually about the same as the Droid. Modern smartphones are so graphics intensive that none of them, and I mean the iPhone too, none of them respond as fast as Palm OS. Blackberry is probably close. Of course, in 5 years, Web OS will be just as fast on some crazy future hardware.

    But if you liked your Centro, you'll love the Pre.
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    Thanks Vicoferous,

    It does seem that a lot of centros owners have selected the Pre. I've played with it on several occasions and its just not the phone for me. I wish Palm did make a phone I could go with, though. I REALLY want to see them succeed.
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    If you need Palm OS, get the WebOS App: MotionApps Classic. Its a Palm OS emulator for the Pre and Pixi. I hear the Pixi app looks a lot better than the Pre too. I use it all the time for stuff like Skyscape apps, and eWallet. The company is not really updating as of lately but it has made some major strides. It currently doesn't allow complete compatibility for all apps but they do send out minor updates from time to time. A major app that's not compatible is CallRec. I used it for everything back when I used my Centro.

    Here's the link:
    Classic - MotionApps
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    I had a Treo755p before and love my Pre. If you _really_ don't like the slider design and want the keyboard always accessible (like the Centro or Treo) then you might consider the Pixi. However I like the larger screen and having to slide out the keyboard isn't an issue for me.
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    okay, I know this is like somebody talking about an Iphone saying "I HATE the convenience of having my music and phone on one device", but here goes:

    Concerning the Pre: I HATE the cards and I HATE gestures also. That's why I've ruled out the Pre. It's just not for me.
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    You don't like cards. Wow. Well okay then. You should probably head over to one of the other websites listed at the bottom of this web page. Precentral is the wrong place to look for information about other phones.

    If you don't like the Pre that's fine, you are entitled to your opinion, but if you really want to know about other phones you should go to their respective websites.

    But to answer your questions:

    1 I have a Pre

    2 I really love it

    3 I miss Agendus, and Docs to go. They will come to the Pre eventually but I still miss them.

    4 I love everything else about the Pre. It is a multitasking beast. I love being able to flip through cards easily to get to different programs that are running at the same time. That is the main reason why I'm not on an iPhone. The second reason is I need a hardware keyboard.
    In my work, I need to be able to go from email to a web page to a phone call and write text all really quickly.

    The reason why I'm not with the Droid/Milestone is because the phone is too big. Personally I like a small sleek phone I can stick in my pant pocket. And with the Pre I don't have to worry about fragmentation and not being able to run an app because of the version of the OS. And they don't really have any 3D games.

    I didn't get a Blackberry because I like having a touchscreen.

    I didn't get a Windows phone because... well do I really need a reason?

    Ultimately it all boils down to personal needs and taste. If you don't like WebOS then that's fine, but for me, the multitasking the form factor and the software can't be beat.

    And you know, you can always get another Centro.
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    thanks Vociferous for your detailed answers. maybe I shoukd buy the Pre and see if I can get used to cards and gestures in 30 days. I have a shakey right hand (and I'm right-handed) that makes gestures kind of difficult but maybe I can get better with extended use. I really do WANT to stick with Palm because they have made me happy for more than a decade with PDA usage (except for the brief period that I owned the 650 - UGHH!!!). yeah I think you might have persuaded me to give web OS a try!
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    Ah, I didn't know about your hand. Sorry to hear about that. I REALLY hope the phone works for you, but hey, if it doesn't it's not the end of the world. It really does come down to your own personal and physical needs.

    For me, I can't get over the shape of the Droid. I don't know why, but it's just too darn sharp edged. I need smooth edges cause I'm clutzy and I'd poke my eye out or something.

    No harm in giving the Pre the old 30 day shot, and if it works great, if not, then hey, no hard feelings. Return it and get what you need. Hope it all works out
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    I had a centro:

    1. Now have a Palm Pre
    2. Love it, best phone i've ever owned ( i played w/ several before making decision: Moment, Hero and Blackberry Tour)
    3. Only thing I miss about centro is battery life but that's it
    4. webOS

    I recommend this phone to everyone.

    Currently using: Sprint Palm Pre and Sprint HTC EVO 4G
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    I went from my Centro to a WinMobile because of business. My wife then took over my centro. I then tried a berry and then finally came back to the Pre. Love it. Now i have taken my wife from the Centro to the Pixi. We are a Palm family. (now my daughter wants the Centro...) Will be selling the TouchPro and the Curve on Ebay.
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    Palm Pre+

    I really liked my Centro, and I really Like my Pre+.

    Thing I miss most is lack of "categories" in contacts. But, I bought Pocket Mirror to sync with Outlook on my PC (no way I'm putting my business contacts through Google so they can index them!) and that solves it because Outlook keeps the categories for me.

    Thing I like best is the 3G support. Tethering to my Centro was pretty slow. The Pre+ mobile hotspot is amazingly fast!
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    "But, I bought Pocket Mirror to sync with Outlook on my PC (no way I'm putting my business contacts through Google so they can index them!)"

    sync with outlook? is this just the Pre +? I thought you could only sync with Google or Exchange? ok as long as I'm asking "duh" type questions can you sync with usb cord or do I need bluetooth if my OS is 64 bit windows Vista?
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    Had a Centro in black. Best PalmOS phone I've ever owned. I jumped on the Pre the day it came out. I absolutely love it and can't even think about moving to another smartphone. Now I am just waiting to buy the next Pre.
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    You really should give the pre a second look, I'm sure no matter how shakey your hand is, you will still be accurate. Before my pre i had an Instinct, Treo700p,Iphone2g,treo650
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    I use Samsong Moment, Android based phone, and I love it. However, every once in a while I look at my Centro and remember the good times I had with Palm.

    Right now it looks like Android will be the future for me, unless Palm can come up with new innovative devices / hardware.
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    1. HTC Touch HD

    2. The gorgeous hardware, the infuriating-but-it-will-do-anything-if-you-can-figure-it-out OS

    3. Chattermail. Simply the best phone email client by miles. If Mark Blanc ever releases his threatened Android email app I will seriously consider switching!

    4. The screen. The range of free apps available for WM (eg, Navicomputer)
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    I got the Pre and the GF just got rid of her centro for a Moment, to early to tell yet if we both like it but it's def a cool device, I really like the visual voicemail

    the pre def has the edge on notifications and multitasking
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    I had a centro and loved it. I loved everything it did and Palm always treated me awesome
    I bought the Pre on launch day. I must say that at first it was hard for me to get used to....but after a few days it was a piece of cake. Also, Precentral has kept me with this phone as the developers have been doing AWESOME work! The Pre is super fast with the 800 MHz patch and even better with all the homebrew patches.
    I can never see leaving the Pre now. I have a friend with an Iphone. He came by the other day and we "raced" on our phones. The Pre loaded apps faster and is def easier to type with. Needless to say, I blew him and his Iphone out of the water! Hehe
    If I were you I would def give the 30 day try. You really have nothing to lose and I would almost bet money you would love it too

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