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    but how does that make palm any money? All it does is make HTC's android phones sell better.

    If palm would open up the app cat to pdk submissions and put out nice hardward, that might do it, but they can't give up any advantage right now.
    Well maybe trade some other patent. Beg. Make them partners. Palm doesn't have any money to do anything anymore. I don't see anyway they would even go about getting new hardware. If somehow they do manage to produce again you can bet on it being plasticky and cheap like the Pre. They needed a third party manufacturer yesterday. Leave hardware to others and just focus on making the OS better. In regards to the pdk, they should've had this phone completely unlocked, opened for anything users and developers wanted from the beginning. Giving us unfinished software deserves that at least.
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    Bottom line, Palm needs to go for broke before they go broke. Let the world know the greatest phone ever when hit XXXX carrier XXXX (as stated before Iphone), and it has to include EVERYTHING while functioning at lighting speeds.

    There is just tooooo much competition to relax, heck I guess I have hit the panic button for Palm to roll....what Apple did was to make many users pause on getting a phone until more info is forthcoming on the new phones with carriers.....get super aggressive Palm and make it work
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    Quote Originally Posted by likeobama View Post
    I agree wholeheartedly. Palm can't play that, Oh lets wait and launch our device right before the day the iPhone does, it won't work. If the iPhone HD does come to any other carrier, its lights out for Palm. The only way I see them surviving this future onslaught is if they give us a phone that is light years in the future. Front facing camera, OLED, voice control, larger screen, metal casing, thinner than an iPod Touch, a Tegra 2 processor, better google maps, better mail, better music, more and more apps, some type of facial recognition gestures!!, just plain beautiful to look at. If they do this, put it in a really amazing ad maybe 3-4 months before the iPhone, Evo 4g, Win7, and somehow manage to start selling limited quantities once summer hits, I see them lifting off. If they miss that opportunity, they lose a large amount of customers for roughly 2-3 years because of contracts.
    Without question this is what it'll take for the grand slam effect PALM needs to show!
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    Quote Originally Posted by teejay69 View Post
    Without question this is what it'll take for the grand slam effect PALM needs to show!
    Well Palm has a tendency to disappoint. If I had to guess they probably will keep the same form factor, keep the keyboard, make the phone a little sturdier, if we're lucky make the screen a tad bit bigger to a point we wouldn't notice, give it a little boost (800mhz-1ghz to stay up with the standards), a little more memory 16-32gb, and so they can feel a little better about sleeping at night, give us microsd. Sure everyone would welcome the upgrade if they're still with Palm, but you have to take into account, what if the iPhone becomes CDMA. All those little upgrades were for nothing.

    However, if Palm gets smart and outsources their mfg to someone who understands how to make fast, sturdy hardware, I see a totally different outcome and a real possibility of Palm going head to head with the iPhone. We are already getting a lot of the famous games Apple sells, soon we will get their productivity apps, and more.
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