View Poll Results: Would you upgrade from your Pre to a 4G HTC EVO?

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  • Yes

    199 41.54%
  • No

    139 29.02%
  • I'd have to check it out first

    141 29.44%
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    while I agree with the above esp after I just installed the virtual keybaord patch
    if it comes with swype that would make life easier,

    I too have holdups with the lack thereof keyboard but the specs are hard to pass

    ah well we will know more on the 12th
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    I have never had a "TMC" error without actually having lots of cards open -- that's on a Sprint Pre and a Sprint Pixi. My Verizon Pre Plus has NEVER had the TMC message, even with dozens of cards open.

    I've noticed that most people who have the issue are folks who have lots of homebrew stuff installed and running. I use stock webOS, with no modifications, and have no problems whatsoever.

    As for the EVO, who knows how often it will get updated (or if it will get OS updates at all in the future?) The Hero hasn't received a significant update yet, despite several iterations of Android coming out since its release. Android phones make me nervous due to their lack of OTA updates and lack of consistent versioning across manufacturers and carriers. webOS doesn't have that problem.
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    now that hp bought out palm we may not have another update for awhile
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    I'm waiting for a WebOs 4g/3g sprint phone. I content waiting for the end of 2 year contract phone upgrade dicounts.
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