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    Quote Originally Posted by rocknrollbandit View Post
    how isn't it? 8 megapixel camera, faster processor, way bigger screen, better resolution, expandable storage, front facing camera, able to record 720p, etc etc... (plus 4g of course)

    I love my pre but saying it isn't an upgrade is
    I'd agree with the other poster who said it isn't really an upgrade because for me, it wouldn't be. let's go through the list...
    8mp camera - I take very few pix with my phone and what I do take is either as a reminder or somethnig goofy to send to a friend. Doesn't matter to me.
    Faster processor - yes, but 1ghz isn't that much of a step up from 800MHz. my Pre is pretty darn snappy.
    Bigger screen/resolution - This means bigger in your pocket. I've tried using larger phones in the past and the Pre is pretty much the perfect size IMO.
    Expandable storage - This I definitely miss, though I think you need more than 1gb internal storage.
    Front Facing Camera - *shudder* Really? So i can take lame Myspacey pics?
    720p video - On the very rare occasions I shoot video, it's always been for playback on my phone. Doesn't mater to me.
    etc. etc. etc. - Well there really isn't an etc. etc. etc., that's pretty much it.
    4G - There is o 4G in my area as of now and I don't expect it until 2011.

    What matters to me as a consumer in no particular order:
    A snappy procesor - EVO has a better processor, but my Pre has been great
    UI - I was going to buy a Hero, but Sense UI made me want to throw the phone, I abhor it.
    Multitasking - still don't like how Android handles this v. WebOS, but at least Android does it
    Open(ish) source - WebOS and Android are both wins here
    Responsive support - I don't mean calling tech support, I mean how often are updates issued. DEFINITELY a problem with Android.
    Size/Form factor - I don't want to feel like I'm holding a brick to my ear.
    Physical Keyboard - Automatic win by the Pre

    So all of those things combined, for me, making the EVO a downgrade. i don't want to deal with a virtual keyboard, Sense's nauseating UI or the even more unpredictable updates for Android.

    I'm not due for an upgrade until November anyhow, by then I'm sure folks will be talking about the quaint EVO that started 4G smartphoning and how outdated it has become. Whatever phone is on the market that best meets the criteria above will be, IMO, the best phone out there and anything else will be a downgrade. Of the phones out there right now, it would probably be between the Pre and the Droid (though I haven't held one to know how I like the form factor)
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    Just curious who will be jumping ship this summer assuming the HTC EVO lives up to all the hype ... after reviewing the specs I couldn't help but get excited myself and realizing every year once your a premium member you get the upgrade (instead of 2yrs now) its gonna be a close call on how bad I need the newest and greatest ...

    I will say this with all the phones i had a chance to play with this weekend with the family at Easter time, i still can't use any of them like the Pre which is sooo much easier and faster - although my aunts complaint the dang keyboard is so small how do you text with that thing ...
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    Really hoping palm comes out with a similar device so i can stay with web os....
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    Yah know, this topic has been asked and answered a number of times. Perhaps you could have just appended your thoughts to one of those posts...
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    Evo looks impressive but I'll pass. It's a freakin overkill device
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    Android and no physical keyboard prevent it from being an upgrade; it's just another choice. A choice I will decline.
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    no keyboard and the fact that the specs for this, not factoring in WiMax just base hardware, it is already outclassed by the Samsung Galaxy-S... just like how the Droid was already eclipsed by the Nexus One
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    No, their's no point to buying this "proof of concept" phone, when/if WiMax becomes a cell phone standard it will be better implemented in future handsets
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    If i could preorder the EVO now I WOULD......but.......i will never get rid of my pre ....ever!!!! The evo is to big for me for an everyday phone but as a nice flashy phone/mediaplayer on the roadtrip kind of phone yes it will be in my bag!!!

    ***Also for everyone saying there not getting it because "overkill" specs or what not....If it had webos and same specs it wouldnt be overkill for you..??****
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    Quote Originally Posted by ihooten View Post
    no keyboard and the fact that the specs for this, not factoring in WiMax just base hardware, it is already outclassed by the Samsung Galaxy-S...
    What carrier will get the Samsung Galaxy-S first?

    I'm a happy Sprint customer and am excited to see them get the EVO 4G.
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    can we say Hellz yea. The EVO is what I wish the Pre is. That's just my opinion though
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    For the Android haters: And yet Android is miles ahead of webOS in terms of phones and distribution. It certainly isn't perfect, I agree. But unless Palm does something spectacular soon, it's webOS that'll go the way of WM6.5. Even WM7 looks more promising to stick around than webOS right now.

    Of course it could be because both Android and WM are backed by huge companies. But Palm is just really moving slowly right now, AGAIN.
    HP has officially ruined it's own platform and kicked webOS loyalists and early TouchPad adopters to the curb. You think after you drop it like a hot potato and mention it made no money and is costing you money, anyone else wants it??? Way to go HP!!

    And some people are fools to keep believing their hype. HP has shown they will throw webOS under the bus and people are still having faith in them??? News flash: if it's own company won't stand behind it, it's finished!
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    I am also tossed between the Evo and the Galaxy which will hopefully be on sprint in june
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    Only if Palm doesn't release something.
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    I'm gonna pass on the Evo. It Is pretty sweet, I live in a 4G area, and I like shiny new toys. However, I like WebOS too much, and a physical keyboard. I'd love to see the Evo sporting WebOS and perhaps an HTC Athena type keyboard. But, that's not going to happen. Oh and there's that pricetag thing. I'm going to hold out hope for Palm to get some wicked new hardware fairly soon.
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    if pre wasnt a slider id get that but yes i will go from pixi to evo4g unless palm releases a similar device
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    Stupid laws make it illegal to not use BT on my phone. Voice Dialing is a major missing aspect of the Pre, enough to stop me from switching.
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    Not until we get 4G in San Diego.
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    The pre is a sinking ship...I liked it for a month or two but the screen size became annoying, battery life, etc. You can see the writing on the wall that she's going down the tubes....HTC EVO 4g, on the other hand, has alot of steam building up behind it's launch date...This is going to be the phone to have...I will be one of the first ones to stand in line to snap one of these babys up....
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    Seems like Andriod is really taking over, The EVO, The Galaxy S and Galaxy S Pro hopefully will land on Sprint, and than there are two other phones lanching in the summer for Sprint all Andriod -

    Gotta say the Andriod Market for apps is crazy compared to Palm, not a hater just amazed how many more there are, I have been a pre member since day 1
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