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    For all those that say android sucks.. you need to keep in mind this phone has android along with HTC Sense, which makes the user experience ALOT better than most android phones, and maybe even better than webOS for some.

    Also in terms of upgrade, It's gotta be at the top of the top.
    1ghz processor vs. Pre's 800mhz OVERCLOCKED
    8MP Camera with auto focus and Dual LED Flash vs. Pre's 3MP
    4.3" Screen vs. Pre's 3.1"
    800x400 Screen res. vs. Pre's 480x320
    Video Recording at upto 1200x720 vs. Pre's 320x480

    Plus the EVO has a 1.3MP front facing camera, along with FM Radio, Compass (for augmented reality apps) and a built in Kick Stand.

    Also the EVO will have flash support, so if you're excited about the pre getting Flash, keep in mind its not the only one.
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    Originally coming from a "dumb phone" and buying a launch day pre, I am used to the web os and it would be very hard to get used to a new device. That combined with no 4G in Orlando, will keep me waiting for the 4G Palm if it ever comes to fruition (fingers crossed). My Sprint pre does everything I need now, and when I get the confidence, I would like to try the 800 MHz patch. I hope it will come to preware so I don't mess it up. I know, I know. It's supposed to be easy, but I'm techno-dumb and would find a way to screw up my pre.

    For now at least... I'm sticking with my launch day pre!
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    Looks interesting. Having tried the Hero and Moment...not sure I am an android fan. But who knows.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rocknrollbandit View Post
    how isn't it? 8 megapixel camera, faster processor, way bigger screen, better resolution, expandable storage, front facing camera, able to record 720p, etc etc... (plus 4g of course)

    I love my pre but saying it isn't an upgrade is
    he says that bc he is a palm kool aid drinker
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    I will have to see more info on it and see how it feels on release. The reason I bought a Pre was the smaller form factor. I do wish I had a slightly larger screen but still don't want to be carrying a TV in my pocket daily.
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    ill be getting it day of release. but will still have the palm right next to my htc touch, and touch pro 2 in the drawer
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    It's not webOS so I don't think so...not with the 800 MHz kernel....don't take many pics with my phone...4G is the only draw for me as I have it for my home computer and it's awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post

    - The faster processor
    - HD video
    - Front facing cam for easy skyping
    - Hotspot supporting 8 devices
    - Expandable memory
    - Higher resolution, bigger screen
    - Bigger battery
    - Compass
    - Voice Activated navigation
    - Assured support from two well-resourced companies that will be around for ages

    Aside from all of that, pretty much a lateral move.
    Let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Bigger battery doesn't mean anything, since WiMax is more power-hungry than EVDO.

    Skype doesn't even support any video on mobile devices yet.

    Hotspot supporting 8 devices? That one seems a stretch when we already have hotspot support for 5 devices. Is the three that much of a difference?

    The processor isn't a revolutionary increase, though yes, it is faster than the Pre.

    And I doubt anyone is saying "I'm going to buy the Evo for the compass."

    As for the HD video and camera stuff, with that tiny of a lens I'll be convinced when I see it. I really wish the focus on cameraphones wasn't on megapixels, but on larger sensors and lenses so we could get some really good pictures. Nokia and Sony Ericsson have done it in the past, I wish other manufacturers would copy that.

    Don't get me wrong. On paper, the Evo 4G is very impressive. And yes, the specs are way better than the Pre's, which is absolutely obvious to anyone, my nitpicks aside. But in my opinion, it's not impressive enough that it's not worth waiting to see how things turn out in practice.

    Like I mentioned above, the battery thing is going to be huge. I hope that things improve over the Overdrive for example. The (4G) Overdrive has a 1830mAh battery, and a runtime of about 3 hours. The (3G) Mifi has a 1150mAh battery, and a runtime of about 4 hours. I hope that the newer components in the Evo have improved from that, otherwise there's going to be a lot of people who are disappointed as soon as Sprint turns on WiMax in their area. The battery life of the Pre is nothing to brag about whatsoever and barely gets me through a workday. But I'd be very concerned about the Evo's battery if I was interested in it.

    It's a first generation 4G phone, when most of us won't have 4G for at least a year. Personally, if I hypothetically was interested in an Android device, I'd get the Nexus One for Sprint and wait until second generation 4G stuff starts coming out. That'll be out at about the same time WiMax comes here anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    Other than 4G, it really isn't an upgrade.
    Are you kidding?
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    Quote Originally Posted by waddle View Post
    I am concerned about the size, the same way I am concerned about the size of the Iphone. The only reason you really need that big screen are for Games (which are a placating waste of time) and surfing the web. Since I rarely search the web on my phone I wish someone would come out with an Iphone/Evo/next gen pre that is the size of the pixi.
    If you aren't concerned with games and you don't surf the web much then you should get a BlackBerry.
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    Jhoff/Joe....I agree, actually. Which is why I said since announcement, that I will wait and see what Palm and Microsoft will be offering on Sprint as well.

    But I am in a 4G area, so if the Evo launches and there's little else on the horizon for Sprint...I would get it barring bad reviews.
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    i am on my 5th Palm Pre, and every time it's just something,whether it's hardware, or software....i am just plain old tired. as a matter of fact, i am Doctoring my refurbished pre right now, since when i got it last night, the very first thing that popped up on the screen was a message that said "Phone Error, your phone is experiencing a problem that it cannot be recovered from"...

    ....besides, Adroid has a much greater app store than palm, so as of now, I'd say HELL YES I'LL UPGRADE!
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    I laugh at people who need to buy a new phone every 6 months,
    New tech comes out every 6 months so you can not compare these 2 phones,

    All the Pre Launch phones complain about not having a PRE+. Well too bad, should of waiting another 6 months or so, Now you will go get this new 4g phone and then the PRE2 or even the EVO2 will come out and you'll complain again,

    The Pre is amazing, why switch phones, WEBOS is simply amazing, So why even bother going to another phone, It doesn't have webOS, hardware is nothing when it comes to phones, They change every 6 months like i said, but the OS doesn't. You buy a phone for the OS not hardware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mairboy View Post
    The Pre is amazing, why switch phones, WEBOS is simply amazing, So why even bother going to another phone, It doesn't have webOS, hardware is nothing when it comes to phones, They change every 6 months like i said, but the OS doesn't. You buy a phone for the OS not hardware.
    Uh, if the hardware doesn't last six months, what good does an OS do you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mairboy View Post
    ...The Pre is amazing, why switch phones, WEBOS is simply amazing, So why even bother going to another phone, It doesn't have webOS, hardware is nothing when it comes to phones, They change every 6 months like i said, but the OS doesn't. You buy a phone for the OS not hardware.

    Because the writing is on the wall for Palm. Unless they can pull a very large rabbit out of their very small hat in a hurry they are through.

    I'll have had my Pre for a year come June. The Evo is due out in April. That gives me a couple of months to research replacements and make an informed decision regarding it's successor. Being a fan of a particular brand is all well and good, but in the end it's just a phone. If it isn't living up to my expectations then I will replace it and not think twice about it.
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    It really depends. I love WebOS, however if something new doesn't come out (or is announced) around the time of the EVO release I may switch to it.
    At the very least I will be looking at the EVO.
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    That thing is monstrous!
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    As soon as it hits stores. Unless Palm releases the next WebOS device at the same time and it sways my opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    I simply can't stand Android. If Palm doesn't have a new device by the end of the year, which would spell disaster for them, I'll go with a Windows Phone 7 device.
    Same here. If Palm doesn't deliver on the hardware side in 2010 -- Windows 7 looks pretty cool so far.
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    Before my Pre I rocked a StarTAC for nine years. Sure, during that time bigger and better things came along. But so what? My StarTAC did what I needed it to do. And it did it well.

    I view my Pre in the same way. I like the OS and the usability of it, and I will keep it as long as the hardware survives. I'm not dishing out another couple hundred bucks just to buy the latest, greatest features that up until they were announced I didn't even know I needed.

    If I didn't know I needed a feature until I was told it was available, then I don't really NEED that feature do I?

    Now if my Pre breaks or otherwise quits working, then I would consider the EVO or whatever looks good at the time. I don't have any illogical hatred for something I've never tried. But no, I'm not upgrading just for the sake of upgrading.
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