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    Here's the deal, I have a palm pre right know and love the interface so much. The interface just makes sense and works so well. So being that i have the pre it has done something to me that i think it has done to a lot of people. Ruined every other platform for you.

    I love the specs on the evo, it just has everything you could want in a phone. But going to the android UI after the pre is something that would be very hard for me to do simply because I wouldn't enjoy the UI as much. Android just seems blocky to me, it's such a basic interface. The music player sucks.(Pre music player also sucks). If i never experienced the pre this would not be a problem for me.

    Then there's WP7S. That UI is a love or hate type deal and I happen to love it. I would say that UI is going to be second after the pre. How everything is integrated into the hubs. The apps can be used within other apps. The UI is just smooth and elegant. Then add on the fact that I have a zune, windows 7, a 360, and am a computer science major it's really calling my name.(The music player is zune, so it's going to be a beast). I know HTC said they would have one piece of hardware for WP7S by the end of the year but will it be the equivalent to the evo in terms of hardware including the screen and two cameras or will it be some type of droid eris type of deal.

    Even though one of these platforms are definitely the front runners for me I still have hopes for palm. I do hope that palm announces some badass hardware cause that's all it would take for me to stick with em. Hardware wasn't really that important to me until the announcement of the evo, now i'm thinking why would any one get anything less hardware wise.
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    I feel the same way! I have enjoyed my Pre since launch day, but this summer I will decide whether or not to stay w/ Palm or if I want to switch to the HTC Evo 4G or wait until HTC's Windows Phone 7 Series comes out late this year. I like what I've seen in WP7S. I have a Zune 80 and think Microsoft has got somethin' good goin' on with WP7S. ::sigh:: decisions, decisions...
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    Yup. If webOS ceased to be an option I'd go straight to windows phone 7. Android is just too vanilla. And I've always wanted a Zune HD....
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    I'm going to start off by saying even though I've put uncountable hours in open source work for webOS I have moved to WP7 development.

    Every day we lose developers to Android and now WP7. I'm just not seeing webOS as a survivable OS due to the power of all these new phones and the lack of Palm licensing their OS to other devices.

    Now why I vote for WP7, it just has the tools and developer support. Everyone loves C# in just a few minutes with the SDK I was able to get multi-touch application working in XNA and rendering. Even months before release developers are showing of applications that have beautiful user interfaces. Plus with XDA progress is already showing as the HD2 has been shown running WP7.

    I think you will find lots of developers waiting for WP7 and non-developer users that are jumping ship going to Android.

    Either way you go you will see some impressive applications and a strong future. I just see with the ability to create applications smoothly WP7 will expand much quicker as a market with much higher quality applications.
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    Choose for yourself:
    [HTCPEDIA] Windows mobile 7 in HTC HD2 [28/03/2010] - forums

    Thats for the GSM HD2.. but im guessing if they can get on that, a few mods can get it on the CDMA version?..

    Just another reason to get the EVO
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    I felt the same way about switching from webOS to Android when considering the EVO. But you have to keep in mind that the EVO is not just standalone android. It works along with HTC's Sense User Interface, which makes the user experience in some sense better than the webOS. And the new EVO has a newer form of multitasking, where you click the home button and then pinch to open up a screen of all open tasks. Not to mention you get 7 screens to customize with widgets. I am definitely going to be switching to the EVO unless Palm announces a better hardware by EVO's release.

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