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    I was reading the manuals for the treo 90 and the m130 and they both mention that you have anywhere from 5 days to a full week after the battery dies to recharge before losing data. This didn't seem to be the case when i had my VDx, when did this change?
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    Your VDx used replacement batteries and the 90 and M130 both use recharging batteries. They've incorporated a secondary battery backup and capacitor system to insure that data loss is virtually eliminated. There is a great deal of voltage left in the lithion ion battery that will hold memory but will not allow the unit to run, as well.

    The original Palm's stated that you'd need to change batteries with in minutes to avoid data loss - they got better as time went along but not until the rechargeable units came along did you "never" have to worry.

    I've got a Palm Vx sitting in my office that took nearly 3 months of no usage before data loss was it's pretty good.
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    Cool, I neglected to mention my Prism, but I don't remember if the manual said that it held a memory or not, but it won't be my problem soon...

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