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    Depends on your need. I have owned both. iphone is a cool app toy, but if you need functionality in a phone and productivity, without a doubt Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Starbuckk View Post
    The real meat of the coding is javascript. HTML is just the shell. The benefit is that its a widely used language and not that hard for interested parties to learn the Pre-specific nuances of developing if you already know the language.

    Why don't we have a ton of apps? Well because a lot of authors see people in these pages whine that 1.99 is too much to spend on an app and they wonder if its worth their time and effort. Now I grant that some "apps" aren't worth ten cents, let alone 1.99 ("fart" apps, girlie wallpaper etc.). But there are some fine apps out there that are well worth their price and people need to be willing to pay the price in order to encourage developers to put in the time.
    One reason for missing apps is that Palm is not able to market globally. In Europe we are starving, promotion is non-existent and not all markets are entered. This is also sth which makes it more appealing for devs, cause the likelihood of selling is higher.

    Living in Switzerland I am not even sure if I can use the App Store when opening on March 31st. And Switzerland for example has the highest penetration rate of iphones...

    Still I prefer the Pre for many reasons said and for the Apple approach to bind you which I dislike
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    Ok I have one of each. I have an iphone 3gs and a pre from sprint. I can tell you that a lot of it comes down to the user and the needs of the user. I jailbroke my iphone about 3 months ago and I have to say that there are some really great things you can do with a jailbroken iphone. I have an app on my iphone that allows me to multi task - just like the pre- with a card system.

    There are some things that the iphone does better and some things that the pre does better.

    Personal preference???
    I prefer typing on the iphone. I prefer browsing on the iphone. The touch screen on the iphone is better than the pre (no lag). The App difference has already been mentioned so I won't belabor that. The speaker on the iphone is better. Obviously without jailbraking, there is no multitasking on the iphone so the pre wins that battle out of the box... but who keeps things just like out of the box these days?

    The mail and calender apps on the pre blow the iphone away. The ability to see all emails at the same time and integrate multiple calendars is great. Multitasking- enough said... The screen on the pre is sharper. The notifications on the pre are awesome and much better than iphone. Touchstone is way cool. Pre is a better looking phone (IMO) and I really like the size compared to iphone. Pre has a flash on the camera (that can also be a flashlight with a patch). Pre w/ 800 patch seems as fast or in some cases faster than iphone. Swipe/back gesture on pre is addictive and I find myself trying to do it on the iphone. The service plan with sprint blows away AT&T (Obviously doesn't apply to everyone).

    I've had an iphone for 3+ years and a pre for about 2 weeks so some things I'm still discovering. While I'm pretty tech savvy, I am not a hacker so I can't speak to the development/programing side of things. I'm the guy that donates to the great efforts of others

    Someone said it earlier, none of the smartphones are perfect but damn if they don't make life easier and more fun. What would we talk about otherwise? I'll tell you this... there are so many on the market now that the choices are almost too plentiful... How does a consumer decide these days?

    Hope this helped...
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    I've read and understood each individual on here,quite a lot of iphone lovers,and palm pre's lover. I respect each and everyone opinions,you choose the phone you love. For me,it will always be the phone I have come to love and cherish,and it will definitely be the :Palmpre:
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    the pdk will port over iphone apps in the future.
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