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    ok I know their was a rumor that palm would be making a android phone to kinda get "back in the game". Well all know that won't happen cause webos is a better os hands down. I do think that andriod with a card system for mutlittasking would b a neat twist to andriod. Would you pick andriod over webos if android had a "card system"? I won't personaly but juss curious if people would?
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    That's got to be one of the weirdest questions I've seen. That's like saying, "Hey if Chevy put a mustang engine in a corvette, would you buy it?" or "Hey if McDonald's would sell you Burger King fries with their Big Mac, would you buy it."

    But just so you don't think it was a wasted post, No I would not buy an android with a card system.
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    I would go so far as to say that I would never switch from my android phone back to a Palm POS. Their build quality is crap and while they have come up with a nice reboot to their OS, they still can't make a phone to save their company. In the one on one that Apple and Google are playing now, Palm is the red headed orphan on the sidelines hopping to retrieve the balls that go out of bounds.
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    I think it would be kinda cool. have everything about webos, and have all the app's of android.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    I think you registered for the wrong site. You need to register here.
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    Just call me Berd.
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    [QUOTE=deihmos;2336254]I think you registered for the wrong site. You need to register here.

    I am on androidcentral also since I now carry the Hero and fully plan to carry the EVO, but I carried the pre and my wife still carries the pre. In fact I have carried 2 different pre's(Earpiece failure on the first) and swapped about 6 due to the fact that palm can't fix one to save their lives. My wife has gone through 4 pre's. 1 breaks(Power button) and Sprint replaces it with a "refurbished"(I think Palm just gets the broken one and wipes it off and sends it back out), the next 2-3 don't work and finally by the luck of the draw Palm finally sends a good one, or Sprint buys you a new one. Awesome build quality! And by the way, this site is for everything pre, there are plenty of posts from people airing their grievances against Palm and the piece of junk they have purchased. The only requirement here is that it has to be related to the pre.

    So cute joke, but know that I posted my thoughts on the subject on the correct site. WebOS is the only thing Palm has going for them, and this post has the solution reversed. Palm should go to HTC and ask them to build another device(Treo 850 Pro being the first time HTC built something for Palm) and maybe get something that doesn't suck to run WebOS. Although it is still a losing battle, WebOS will never have more than a mobile website for Google Voice, no Google Goggles, or be quite as accepted by the techies round the world as Android. Yes it is better than that iPhone thing that Apple has banked nearly their entire bottom line on, but in the grand scheme of cell phones, the pre is nothing more than a Ford Pinto with a 351 and leather interior, might be comfortable at first, but it will still fall apart or become a flame throwing death trap if rear-ended.

    To sum up, WebOS is nice, but the equipment sucks.

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