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    Quote Originally Posted by Urkel View Post
    Actually, most people don't care enough about what OS they use to get access email and YouTube videos. But as for "computer enthusiasts"? I'd say its ignorant to dismiss a Macbook as a Fischer price product. In fact, the best Windows notebook I ever used have been my MacBooks. And in the geek community, there's a solid push towards Macs because of UNIX and how much power is under the hood if you know what you're doing.

    Another falicy about Macs is OSX is NOT ***** proof. It's just as easy/difficult to use as Windows so teaching grandma has more to do with her mind than which OS you give her.

    Apple and Snotty Mac elitists should be called out when they act like idiots. But when it comes to Apple Products then they are universally high quality
    that's interesting; I didn't realize it's UNIX based. I don't know if I'd call the regular macbook 'high quality' relative to the average PC laptop...feels cheap, airport seems to have probs and I doubt Apple wants you to hang onto it for more than a couple years. The pro version is a much more solid product, imo. Whatever the case, Apple is making billions of dollars for a reason.
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    Why does the world love the iPhone? One word, easy. iPod, iPhone and now iPad, all easy. Even grandma can use them. Is that bad? No, but for some, easy works for them. Solid hardware, predictable intuitive OS, that's what most consumers want. I love webOS. It's just not "easy" yet.
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    I think a lot of people are ignoring the real reason. A few people touched on it, but most are forgetting. Keep in mind this is coming from someone who could never use an iPhone as their own device, too:

    The iPhone completely revolutionized the smartphone landscape. All of a sudden, they made it simple enough for anyone to use, they made it look nice doing it, and they gave a browser that showed sites exactly (or close enough to exactly) like they look on the user's desktop.

    And yes, the original hook of it being an iPod with a phone attached worked great for getting people to buy into it, and once they got sucked into that, it's just what they're comfortable with. For non-techie users, it's hard to switch someone away from something they're comfortable with. It's the same reason that IE is so popular, and part of why the business world still uses the Blackberry. People in general don't care about better, they care about what they know and are used to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kittykatta View Post

    -Virtual Keyboards. Before iPhone it was styluses. No matter how much you hate virtual keyboards, the elimination of the stylus changed the way we access our Pre.
    Capacitive screens are what is responsible for the demise of stylii. Nothing to do with more Apple 'brilliance??'. I, and probably most users, were already accessing Treo resistive screens with a finger.
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    I love my palm pre to death but if i could end my contract right now with no fees i'd sprint towards the iPhone. Its sexier, sturdier, more responsive and has a larger user base creating great apps. Having the Palm Pre is great and I want Palm to succeed but if they fold, the iPhone is my next phone.
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    The two groups of people who I know using iPhones are those who migrated from non-SmartPhones and those that migrated from Blackberries. Those migrating from feature phones are amazed at the ease and power to do Exchange ActiveSync, web browsing, Skype, Google Maps, YouTube, and all kinds of other apps. The Blackberry folks are amazed at fact that they can do Exchange ActiveSync with a phone that has an elegant interface that takes advantage of the big screen.

    I'm frankly amazed that none of the people I know have regrets about their decision to go to the iPhone. A lot of those folks went from Verizon to ATT with don't complain about the service -- go figure. I think I have only talked to a couple of iPhone users who had even the slightest interest in WebOS.

    Like a lot of others on this forum I can't figure it out. I sure couldn't go the iPhone route. I wonder if maybe I am a little different from the norm. Kinda reminds me of when how I would only consider buying Mac when everybody around me was using PCs. Maybe I just "Think Different" -- and some of you do too
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    Ballmer had it right when he said "developers, developers, developers". The iPhone had the first decent and easy-to-use smartphone interface and they reaped the benefit by having a large install base that devs would want to target first. Web browsing on the phone is also excellent and the interface is simple. It's the perfect mainstream device.

    The Pre could have still landed a spot next to the iPhone EASILY if it had the speed of the recent 800mhz patch and didn't feel like it was going to fall apart simply due to its multitasking ability and fluidity. There's nothing more frustrating than clicking that stupid iPhone button to switch back and forth from a website to an email you're composing a couple of times or trying to have Pandora in the background when you suddenly get the urge to browse the web.

    Yes, I know there's jailbreaking, but I'm comparing stock experiences.
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    Simple: Mar-ket-ing
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    Quote Originally Posted by kcw View Post
    that's interesting; I didn't realize it's UNIX based.
    Oh yeah man, since 10.0 (I'm a Mac user for a very long time)

    It was nice launching Terminal from the Mac, plugging in the Pre and one simple command to root it during the early 1.0.x days of webOS to install homebrew apps.

    That being said, I am not a huge fan of the iPhone. It is nice, don't get me wrong.. I just don't agree with how much Apple tries to lock it down, prevents users for doing homebrew, prevents 3rd party apps from multitasking *rumor is iPhone OS 4.0 will allow it*.

    Besides, if I were to get a plan from ATT to match what I get from Sprint, I'd be paying about 40 dollars more a month for crappier service

    I'm glad Palm got it right with letting the end user do what they want with their phone that they bought with their money. If I want homebrew apps I should be able to. If I want a patch to add a function not found on a stock phone, I should be able to install it. I know the risk and I accept it.
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    I'll check out the other 50 comments after some sleep. For now I'll just say that nearly every iPhone user I know comes from a featurephone background and uses it that way.
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    Just call me Berd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cglaguna View Post
    ...but the iphone is too limiting...
    Huh??!? How on earth is the iphone "too limiting"? Not enough apps??, it does everything that can be done on any other phone, apps launch quickly...(far quicker than the Pre).

    Don't quite get your reasoning....maybe you could clarify it?
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    Someone made a very salient point upon mentioning that the iPhone is "sexy." There is no doubt among men that Apple was the first company to somehow, inexplicably create sexiness out of silicon, copper, and stainless steel finishes. As absurd as it sounds, it rings true, and sex sells. Good for them, and the world's exploding population.
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    Apple basically has a laser focus - they want to sell the best media-capable device which is also a phone, with good hardware components and quality, the capability to sync with (in their opinion) the best media management and commerce software, while enabling 3rd party developers to help its mainstream consumers do more things with the device.

    What is Palm's focus? None..that's the problem. Palm was at one time (and not even long ago..just 4-5 years back) the BEST business and messaging device with the best 3rd party apps.

    They are now a wannabe do-it-all. I just wish they focus on one area...and just excel. They want to build the best smartphone? Put better speakers, mics, radios and a bigger battery first in a solid, robust outer shell. Make the best phone. C'mon Palm. Its one of the first things people do when they buy a phone - make a call. Think what an awesome first impression you'll create. The software is getting better with every iteration, it'll take time - but no one's stopping you from giving us the best hardware!
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    Ok..i wont even lie. If the iPhone was on Sprint, i would get that as opposed to getting a Pre....Im sorry. Maybe i would have dumbed my iphone for a later Pre build. Who knows.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cglaguna View Post
    are you kidding, we had Tom Tom for years (with voice navigation)

    Yeah, with a $160 add-on Gps Dongle bigger than the phone ( = clunky) . I'm talking about all in one GPS. NEVER had it. Try google maps on a 755p (of you can even figure out how to trick it to installing).
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    You fine folks are starting to make me think that the 'iPhone Killer' is a mythical creature that's just a silly nursery rhyme competing execs tell themselves to be able to sleep at night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juan_Ponce_de_Leon View Post
    ...And not the Pre? I happen to think the Pre is an all-around better phone, and yet Palm is about to go under while Steve Jobs is having trouble keeping his sales-***** hidden under his iPad. What gives, people?!?!
    Remember Betamax? Amiga? OS/2? Microchannel?

    The better tech doesn't always win. Heck, in most cases it doesn't. People are sheep.
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    Marketing marketing and more of it. Apple can market an iToilet and it would sell as if the world was made of ****!!! Lol
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    Here is our chance to help the Pre Plus get to the finals against the iPhone. Wouldn't that be great?

    Vote here:
    March Smart Phone Madness Game 11: BlackBerry Bold 9700 vs. Palm Pre Plus
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