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    Article discusses why more complicated interfaces can improve user satisfaction.

    Why a poor user interface can make users happy - SmartPlanet

    I don't how much it applies to android, but you never know. Interesting read regardless.
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    Dumbest article I have seen in a while. A poor UI is just a poor UI. A cluttered UI with detail is something different.
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    I'm willing to bet that Android has more non-technical than technical users, just as most BlackBerry users are not professional business persons. Just as we obsessive webOS tweakers here on are also a minority. That Bloomberg program in the article also seems as much a status symbol as much as a tool.

    Android's popularity, then, is more because it is being pushed so heavily by the carriers. Verizon employees shoving the Droid down everyone's throat is a possible symptom of that. And it also may explain why the online-only Nexus One's sales numbers have been so abysmal.

    As for why the carriers have been pushing Android so hard, Engadget's recently article saying that Google is sharing app ad revenue with the carriers would, if true, would explain everything.
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