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    Ahhhhh no wonder so many android phones are coming out so fast
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    F Google. Big Brother. I even try to use Bing as much as possible to slowly allow their search to gather the required data it needs to gain accuracy.
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    How about them apples. Pushing an average OS (IMO) down people's mouths is great business.
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    Why is it surprising that Google is doing business?
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    Well, well well. So those son of a guns can't even give their POS platform away- they have to pay companies to adopt it. Google can do whatever it wants with its money but its interesting that Android has to be subsidized by Big Daddy. Doesn't suggest Android is really being taken to on its own merits.
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    Its really becoming harder and harder for me to like google. They are getting into different markets I dont care for them to get into.

    -internet service provider
    -cable tv provider
    -electricity provider (unlikely rumor I know, but still)

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