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    Codename project "EM" is about giving you what you want, the way you want it, and keeping you in touch with your world. It's catored towards YOU, not buesiness professionals, not media enthusiasts, not brand loyalists, but you, your needs, what's important to you and what will make that world easier to get around in, communicate with, and keep it all organized the way you want. With codename Project "EM" it's about you...

    Project "EM"
    Mobile phone operating system

    Precentral has been one of the most motivating and inspirational forums I've been part of. I've seen so much enthusiasm, compassion, and innovation on this site, thus Ild like to make note that I'm working on alittle something. While I don't expect many, if any, to believe what I am working on to make it from concept to product, I like to believe that innovation, function and quality in a product idea in a hot market is worth pursuing, especially when done by someone with passion for the idea, and the userbase. I am not a developer, know next to nothing about coding, however for the last year I've been working on a mobile phone concept, not just simple layouuts like the precentral app design I made a while back, but full layouts with descriptions on scenes triggers, and whatnot, basically how each layout will work, and what features will intigrate with what how it will react. In otherwords, I have been developing this OS in my head and only able to express it via visuals which I designed but no codeing thus for this project I will need skilled developers willing to look over the project once I finish and compile my portfolio and get the proper copyrights. (reason for not giving any info on the os at this time) I think there are some great minds on this site that would be great assets so if interested I'd like to know on here. I'm still aways before I'll show anything but I want to hear from developers interested, and I want to know what's important to anyone else in a smartphone. The main concept is the phone is about you and your world which will be better understood once I can give more info.
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    alittle background to add, I'm majoring in archecture and business and want to start an innovations company which deals in several different fields such custom new home construction, computing technology operating systems, family health and recreation services and several outlets in between including integration between each branch. Ie new technologies in homes, technology in regards to health and recreation ect. I'll be in college a while, so figured I'd work on concepts for mobile first as it's a hot market and while apple and google have the spotlight, ALL mobile OS's miss terribly on three things, 1. User customization. All 3 equivalant smartphones I've tested, (android, osx, webos) do not have much support for customization for the average user (no homebrew, no jailbreak, no rooting) not just talking about themes either. 2. Palm was previously palmOS and yet it's new version mirrors the flaws of the other two systems which are lack of common features, or detailed features. In simple terms, apps are watered down, with little customizations to make things better organized for you, or do things in a way that reflects your needs for the given app. Each user is different and the phone should have enough options to keep things organized in a variety of ways as well as making each app flexible to meet the needs of te different people using it. Some may need some features, while others may need a different one. Smartphones have been going the "simple" route in hopes of attracting new smartphone buyers however it's a step to the side rather then forward, as, if you recall, two of those three didn't even come stock with features such as video recording. 3. Good customer relations, what I mean to say is, your mouth is heard clearly and your not in the dark. Most companies don't have forums that thrive like precentral, I think that the user base is the most crucial part of designing an os, because they are the ones using it. In short I believe having an os which is flexible to the needs, styles and desires of the user can thrive well in the market given the opportunity, and this my precentral friends is what I am working at, not being an iphone killer, palm killer, google killer, just giving you all what you need from your mobile device.
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