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    Hi all I am thinking about changing from the PRE my second afyer the first had a screen crack. The phone hardware is just plain bad and no voice dialing after a year. Even as a stock holder of PALM who havs taken a big hit like everyone else the phone is just not what I thoguht it would be or PALM indicated it would. Two major software resets caused me to loose data and I am on the phone with help people at least once a month.

    my last phone was a Samsung instint and it was a better more reliable phone than the pre. Anythoughts on what you think of my decision?

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    Transfering to the Supersonic... sounds solid to do. However, your post was invalidated when you said the instinct was better than the pre.
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    the instinct better than the pre? Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah. Your going to have to wait a while for the supersonic.
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    I like Jello
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    "no voice dialing after a year"? It hasn't even been 10 months yet, and we've seen hints that it's on the way.

    And are you really going to pay the premium for 4G already when it's still in so few areas?

    If you want to switch phones, that's one thing, but what makes you so sure that the Supersonic is it, when it hasn't even been announced, and all we know about it for sure is that it's going to have WiMax?
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    i'm thinking the same thing. Been a palm guy forever, from the pilot 5000 all the way up...

    my calendar sync is still broken. Syncs just fine with my personal calendar, misses half the updates from my wife's calendar since day one and a number of attempts to get help from tech support.

    browser is wonky. Half the time it renders part of the page, then gray below that. Sometimes a 90 degree flip fixes it, sometimes not.

    image map STILL doesn't work.

    battery life is gawdawful. If i'm not using it it's on the charger, period.

    I LOVE webos. I'm just afraid it's the Betamax of smartphone OSes. It still has way too many bugs and holes and the inferior competiton of iphone and android is I fear too powerful with too much momentum to beat.

    SO tired of seeing "app available for iphone and (sometimes) android. Sigh.
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    Transfering to the Supersonic?

    Calmdown. It's not even out yet, you don't know what issues it would have. Take a lesson from the Palm Pre launch, how long after launch did it take for everyone to slowly notice that it cracks all over and has a loose battery?
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    i love my pre but I always like new toys and I am in Portland Oregon a Wimax city. So if it has the rumored specs that I have read I will have a supersonic my first android device . if Palm maybe shows me a little more details about the c40 i may wait for it but I don't think that its coming any day soon. as for the the Instinct being better then pre i wouldn't even think that is a far comparison the only good thing the Instinct had was the mic options
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    Quote Originally Posted by grndslm View Post
    Where can I purchase this Supersonic?
    Hasn't even been announced let alone available for sale yet.
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    first off. If you want to get another phone then go buy one. No one is stopping you.

    and most of the things you talk about are very rare and happen with every phone/ computer on this planet. The ihpone freezes and does crazy things too my friends say.
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    all just rumors and hype for the time being
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    I have one right here. It's next to my GTX480
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    I have been debating this too (assuming Palm doesn't release a new phone), but the size of the supersonic kind of worries me. It is just so big. I don't know if I can fit it in my pocket.
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    to big No way . I would get a Dell Streak with its 5inch screen but no way im going to At&t
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    Quote Originally Posted by AAA99 View Post
    to big No way . I would get a Dell Streak with its 5inch screen but no way im going to At&t
    I would need to hold it and see. But HTC sense looks very nice too me. I guess that is my primary back up if Palm doesn't make it out of the doom and gloom.
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    you own stock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chud311 View Post
    you own stock?

    Can you explain how you made this smart remark? Do you even know the guy?

    Tool alert!
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    I gotta be honest, I just found out I can upgrade and I'm probably going to do the same thing. I love webOS and dont have any of the hardware issues that others have complained about, and i know I'm going to get flamed for saying this, but I want a better app store. I'm not willing to go to at&t (or apple for that matter) and Android is the next best thing. Plus it is going to be the first 4g phone and my city is about to roll it out as part of a contract with the local law enforcement (would have been one of the first had sprint not been in a lawsuit over it).
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    And you posted this in the Pre section even though it doesn't relate to the pre because?
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