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    saw this Hug - casemate wireless charging system,

    I was wondering if this will work with the pre/pixi inductive charging.

    My wife has an iphone and i have the pre plus. looking for a convenient way to charge them both simultaneously.

    I can get the touchstone but i still have the iphone cord she is still in the contract so she cannot get a webos (she just got the iphone).

    NOTE: She loves my pre
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    any ideas guys?
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    I tried placing my Pre on my nephew's Powermat...screen lit up but no charging. I know it's not quite the same thing, but I'm thinking that all the specs have to match exactly to the touchstone for it to work.
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    i know the powermat wont work because i think it uses a different kind of charging or some frequency... plus this is **** ugly because you have to get a case that is ugly

    this HUG product is inductive charging like the touchstone... i hope someone can try it
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    I doubt it. The Hug is based on the WPC standard, which Palm is not a part of. Too bad....
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    Worth a try, but I'd be very very surprised if it worked. Palm probably designed their own system with custom frequencies, etc.

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