View Poll Results: If not the Pre, then...

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  • Iphone

    14 11.76%
  • Droid

    15 12.61%
  • Nexus 1

    29 24.37%
  • Pixi

    10 8.40%
  • Blackberry Storm 2

    1 0.84%
  • Blackberry (other)

    11 9.24%
  • HTC Hero

    16 13.45%
  • Centro

    1 0.84%
  • Android (other)

    15 12.61%
  • Any Windows based - 6 or 7

    7 5.88%
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    I wouldn't not have my Pre, but what do you have?
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    Treo 755p
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    On Sprint, probably HTC Hero or Samsung Moment.
    If I suddenly won the lottery and could afford VZW, I'd have a Droid.
    If I suddenly lost my mind and went to AT&T, iPhone

    If I could live in lala land and have any phone I wanted for any price? Hmm....Probably Droid. But maybe iPhone. I voted Droid.
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    If I didn't have a Pre, I'd have a Nexus okay I'd have a BlackBerry 9700, but if I didn't have a Pre or a BlackBerry 9700, I'd have a Nexus

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    id still be waiting for a win7 phone
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    Hey, you need to add "Centro" to the choices. That's what I clung to for a looooong time waiting for Verizon to launch the Pre. I'd go back to my Centro before I'd by any of the current Smartphones. I really tried to like the others, but they just didn't cut it. PalmOS was impossible to beat until WebOS (for my requirements, at least)
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    i had the diamond. so id probably still be using that or maybe the hero.
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    Sadly, I'd probably still have my Treo 800w.
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    reactivate my samsung instinct or get a nexus one
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    Refire up my more useful Centro that I keep close by whenever my Pre wants to play me
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    I voted Droid, but I wouldn't mind a pre+
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    i'd be waiting for a Pre !!
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    HTC Touch Pro2
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    Realistically, there's no other phone really that would make me leave Sprint, so I'd probably have a Samsung Moment. I'd probably consider the Touch Pro 2 though I don't care for WinMo. Those are the only two options as BlackBerry is out and I must have a physical keyboard.

    If asking with disregard to carrier (which I find is more important than the phone), I'd probably have a Droid.

    Of course, this is based on today. I'm not sure what I would have purchased way back in June.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjeffcoat View Post
    Treo 755p
    Didn't see the poll options when I posted, my answer is the Pixi.

    But if not Pre or Pixi, then it would be back to the Treo.
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    A feature phone until the Supersonic is released.
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    Nokia E75 or iPhone.

    Nokia E75 for design and speed. (though not really powerful like pre or iPhone, sometimes i like myself spartan...)

    IPhone for design (bigger, less cheap), SPEED and more apps of course.

    But in both I'd miss the gestures and webOS with it's heavenly multitasking!
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    the birth control looking phone

    thank you mytether
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    Why isn't there an option to have a MotoRzr? I want one of those if I can't have my pre.
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    Maybe a Neo Freerunner

    Or even an Android one, but no, not an iPhone!
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