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    The Nexus One Is a Total Flop - Sales - Gizmodo
    the palm pre sold more than the nexus one..
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    what do you expect? the only way to get a nexus one is online via google...
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    My hand crafted snow mittens are a flop too....

    Seriously, the phone isn't bad, but when you don't have distribution outside of one site online, what do you expect?
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    come to think of it, personally i would like to own a super-phone that can only be bought through its original manufacturer and not in every wireless corner... makes me feel privileged to own this beast of a device rather than seeing 8/10 people with it in the mall
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    I don't think it's a flop just because it hasn't sold as well Google wanted to. It's a sturdy phone with a well implemented operating system. I'm sick of Gizmodo's subjective and opinionated headlines. There are plenty of products and franchises that aren't number one in their fields or genres that are still excellent and have in no way flopped.
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    It's really not the same.

    Android is on what? 10 devices that are being sold now? It's not about individual phones for Google, it's about total marketshare.

    They are flooding the market with phones and partners, and the numbers show its working. A better comparison would be Pre vs Droid. I rest my case. That's one phone, one.

    Android is swallowing all of the marketshare that Palm is after, that's really the problem right now.
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    Not surprised at all that this story is from Gizmodo. I think the Nexus One is doing pretty well considering that you can only buy it online from Google and that there are already so many Android devices out there.

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