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    Check out the following article. Windows Phone 7 Won't Support MicroSD Cards, Multitasking (Phone Scoop)

    They essentially state that the Windows 7 system will not support true multitasking! Interesting!!!
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    but it also says that they are still working on that. they don't want it to kill the speed of the phone or the battery life.
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    ya....i was deeply disappointed that they wont do multitasking. If Palm doesnt come out with a homerun device, I was hoping I would have somewhere to turn. Looks like I'kll be staying with Palm until

    1. Palm wows me with a GREAT device. Something to match the best OS on the market would be nice. I like th Pre, but would enjoy a larger screen

    2. Someone steals Palms "cards theme" and puts it on an amazing device.

    I just cannot leave true multitasking. People who havent used it just dont get it. Its like the first time you use windows....are you gonna go back to dos? you just cant.

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