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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    no you can't WP7 streams net flix to the device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by photojake View Post
    The Sky is falling... the sky is falling. People... please stop and think a minute. Execution is important. There are a thousand little things that could make these phones crap. battery life, bugs, hardware cracks, lack of apps, delays, etc. This thing is not out yet and who knows what Palm, Apple, Blackberry, or anyone else has up there sleeves when this phone does get released.

    Everyone's so near-sighted on there judgement of Palm and the Pre/Pixi. Give it some time and you will see that Palm, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Nokia are not going away for a long time.
    that's a pretty contradictory and condescending post. We aren't supposed to get excited just because an established company is rebooting their OS and offering cool unique features? Isn't that exactly what we all did with Palm last year after that amazing Pre demo?

    and then you go on to call people short sighted for not believing in palm which is ridiculous. Palms device exists right now so if people feel let down or discoursged or frustrated then it's because they are judging an actual product.

    the problem with palm isn't that they won't eventually fix things. The problem is not many people have the patience to keep waiting.
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    WP7 won't have copy and paste out of the gate. Now i don't use it a whole lot, so it's not a deal breaker for me. But current winmo users will sorely miss this feature.

    Personally I like what they are doing with wp7. I have a zune hd and i love the interface. I think it's a very modern take on a user interface. I can definitely seeing it being popular on a phone. With that being said...

    I love webOS and would love to stay on the platform, BUT, if there isn't new hardware out I might make the switch. If they can get the xbox integration done right (plus the netflix app) this will be killer for entertainment oriented people like me. I already have a zune pass, so i have all the music i want. I'm sure it will support video from zune pass, too, as well as netflix instant view.

    I'm ok with the direction they are going, because the user experience will be fantastic given the minimum specs required. Every wp7 will be fast. I'm honestly hoping for something from Samsung with a super amoled display.

    Again, if Palm comes out with new hardware (because I still like webOS better than what I've seen with wp7) I'll stay on board. I want a higher res screen with a fast processor (or extremely optimized version of what's in there now because it's plenty capable). I'm loyal, but I also want the latest and greatest that will do what I want. If that means I have to switch platforms then ok.

    Just my two cents.
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