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    I love my Pre. I think web OS is very cool. I've played with Iphones, and android phones. I don't think the Iphone OS or the android OS have anything on webOS as a platform, but i don't really feel confident that Palm can overcome the monster that is google. Apple's time at the top is dwindling IMO.

    If i had to make a prediction, it would be that Android jumps to the top and apples fades, and palm.. well there's my problem, i don't know about Palm. The main focus with these phones is apps obviously. I think the boat full of developers and boat full of consumers are both pointing their bows at android island. Thoughts?
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    Android will do well simply because Google owns the entire world.

    You've got decent hardware, combined with unlimited advertising, combined with Google's suite of products, combined with a POS OS.

    Android will do fine but that's in spite of itself not because it is has any inherent strengths.
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    I totally agree with you. WebOS is tip-top, but, google is a juggernaut. And Apple has a following like no other. That leaves Palm in limbo. I've had a chance to check out both, android and Iphone, neither felt as smooth as WebOS. Palm has an up hill battle ahead of them and I'm not sure they have the money to compete.
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    The quickest way I can see Palm getting the cash and the market share it needs is to license WebOS to other hardware vendors. That is another advantage that Android currently has.

    However, like it has been said before, it's hard to compete with the free licensing of Android.

    Average users are attracted to different styles and form factors more than the OS on a device, and Palm definitely doesn't have the resources to diversify it's hardware quickly.
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    Its not a matter of overcoming google or apple. Palm makes a different take on the modern smartphone and you either love it or hate it. And lest we forget webOS is in its infancy while android and apple have been around a few years. Being as though webOS can compete this early in its development cycle is amazing.
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