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    I ordered the 3G 64gb version. Which come to think of it kind of puts me in further with apple's ecosystem along with iphone. I'll still never own a Mac tho
    I ordered the 16GB. I know I should have gotten more memory but I'm still not sure if I'll like it and I figure I won't own this for more than a year. My feeling is that the next revision will come around the holidays and it will have a camera, lower price tag and they'll drop all the non-3G models.

    As for getting further into Apple's ecosystem. I know why people hate it, but it's not as restrictive as non-Apple users think it is. Apple enables an "easy button" for people that need it but you don't have to use it. And my Macbook Pro is the best Windows notebook I ever owned.
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    I'm getting one. It will replace my laptop for most of my light everyday use (surf, music & emails). Less wear and tear on the laptop and I'll be able to work easily at parks and disneyland with my kids if I absolutely have to.
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    I think they'll stick to holiday ipad. I'm not even expecting 4.0 til much later in year.

    The memory thing i don't usually bite at but files/apps should be a bit larger especially 720p movies.

    This is more of an old 3G iphone (kiddo loves it..its basically an ipod right now) and kindle replacement. Apple shouldn't pat themselves on the back just yet as it simply means i won't be buying an ipod touch later.
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    Hell no
    why would i want a itouch XL?
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    Not me - it just doesn't provide enough value add. My phone can surf the net and check email in a pinch no matter where I am, I prefer the feel of a book when reading (never mind the value I place on my eyes), and for any cpu activities requiring a little more power my sleeping computer is a mouse move away from being up and running. There is simply not a compelling enough reason for me to make the purchase - be it the iPad, Slate, or JooJoo.

    Now for college students I could see it making sense - publishers provide lower costs text books to the students yet at a higher margin per "book". Throw in the portability and students will surely enjoy not have to lug around a ton of books everywhere.
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    Meh. The Notion ink Adam Pwns iPad. Either that or i'm getting myself a Microsoft Courier.
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    If the Joojoo had win7, android, or webos on it, it would make sense to buy one. Unfortunately it doesn't, and I'm sure apps for this device will be very limited when the majority of users will be flocking to the iPad. The iPad will be a success no matter how many people downplay it and that can be owed largely to the App Store. This is the main selling point. This is what forced me to get an iPod Touch even after all my refusals. I still don't fully love my touch but those da*n apps keep me coming back and buying more and more of them. Its quite addicting. I've spent about $300 in apps since getting one last december and I use maybe 3-4 on a daily basis.
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