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    So, to make a long story short, my wife needed a new phone and her discount will not be available till this summer, so I gave her my Pre and bought a Hero for myself (Android is the only OS I have not yet tried).

    Let me just say one thing first...I MISS MY PRE!!!

    WebOS may be young, may have issues, may only be supported as a Palm device, and may not have as many of the "cool" features Android touts itself as having, but I have to say it has so much more potential and is so much more intuitive and polished.

    And this whole 100K apps vs 10K apps vs 2k apps, well the 2K apps are just as good as the 10K or 100K because most of the extra apps out there are useless junk or repeats of so many others it is pointless for them to be there.

    I just wanted to say this and get it off my chest before I throw this phone at the wall! My upgrade date is this month and I was originally going to get the Supersonic when it comes out later this year, but I have to say now that I am going to get the Elan or C40 or whatever the next WebOS device that comes out is. I CAN'T WAIT TO GET RID OF THIS PHONE!!!

    Enjoy what you all have. The grass is not greener on the other side! I promise you!
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    whats wrong with your hero?
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    wanna trade?
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    Nothing is wrong with it, except the red off button has peeled a little (I have seen this on so many Heros). It works perfectly, I just don't like Android.

    I would be willing to trade. I am working with someone now on a trade, but if it doesn't work out we can trade. Where are you located?
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    What were your complaints with it specifically? I know that it is the Android OS, but you didn't specify. I STILL haven't been able to get my Pre, and I have been so tempted by the Hero many times...
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewAlex1992 View Post
    What were your complaints with it specifically? I know that it is the Android OS, but you didn't specify. I STILL haven't been able to get my Pre, and I have been so tempted by the Hero many times...
    Yeah, I was SOOOO tempted as well. That is why I went ahead and gave my wife the Pre and bought the Hero. Here are the major issues I have.

    Android seems a little to unpolished in my opinion. It is nice, don't get me wrong, but it just seems so young. Oddly enough it is older than WebOS, but Palm looks like they worked really hard to make it look so nice. Responsiveness is very iffy, sometimes it is very quick, other times it is so slow I feel like I am waiting for a Windows Mobile phone trying to do something. This is even with just changing screens left or right, not just opening programs. HTC Sense UI is nice, they make Android look good, but not enough to make me happy with how it works. Widgets were cool for three days, then they became pointless. "Multitasking" is BS. Yes, it can do it, but NOTHING like the Pre can do. I have to close a screen to open another to copy something, then open the other to paste, then close, then open. It just feels like I am relaunching to program every time. Nothing like the Pre card viewm which is so much easier and intuitive. Both Windows and OS X have the ability to do this, and it is more like how we use windows now. Android makes it happen in a way, just not one that is as intuitive as WebOS. I also HATE having to have a task manager to stop programs from running because only 1/4 of the programs actually have an exit in them. This is crazy. Pushing the card off the screen??? SO EASY!

    What is always talked about between the iPhone, Android, and WebOS? Apps! When I left the App store for WebOS they were on 1500+. I went to Android over 10K strong - 9000 of which are either repeats of other ones on there or pure junk! And games? Non-existent in any 3D format! I felt like I was playing on the first Gameboy color. Same goes for the iPhone. There are a few more extra good apps on the iPhone that are very unique to a specific site or something, but I have to say the WebOS is more than adequate for what I need and I would say most people need.

    There are a couple of good ideas that Android has...pop up SMS that I can send a reply from without opening the messaging program is really nice. Makes texting very easy. Also, the notifications is less obstructing. They put it on top and you can pull it down to see the notification rather than taking more space up on the bottom of the screen for a notification icon. None of these make me want to stay with the HERO though. Not even the promise of 2.1 in a couple of months. The only cool thing I think 2.1 brings is the voice for everything, but I have to say that thing is so buggy anyway it is unusable at this point.

    All in all I feel that WebOS has much more potential. Whether or not the general public will see it this way is another thing. I hope they do for Palms sake, and mine, because I would love to see what they do in the future with this OS.

    I CAN'T WAIT TO GET THE PRE BACK! It is being sent out today and I am so excited to have a good phone again!

    Each to their own, but I am a WebOS guy through and through now! Hope this helped!
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    Actually, if it wasn't for how much I love my new toy, er, phone (I have pre on sprint), Android platform phones would be my next-in-line. Though by specs, I believe Hero is a step down from Pre, but in my opinion, it handles things pretty well and pretty fast. And there are some features/integrated widgets that already came in Hero that did not on Pre that I kinda wish I had (Hero, whatever the version of android it's running on, supports flickr and twitter already integrated to the phone) but nothing I can't live without.

    And yes, to each on their own - I love my pre and wouldn't trade it for anything else (for now) hah!
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    Thank you for the very comprehensive reply. I happened to order my Pre from the Shack for $79.99 on the deal they are having right now, so it looks like I will get to enjoy it as much as you in 2-3 business days! =D

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