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    I have been looking for several years now and I was wondering if a phone can truly have it all. I need a phone that has a good stand alone map program that doesn't need the cloud, a working call recording function, an appointment book that will also be able to link addresses with a contact and link with the map program. Basically business functions in a phone that have it all tied together. I see promising things in alot of different platforms but nobody seems to have it quite right yet. I guess I'm asking for too much but I see a lot of potential in the Palm Pre plus.
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    Possible, yes. How much battery life do you want?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    and this has to do with the pre because...
    Precentral Police strikes again..
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    The battery life couldn't be any worse than the Iphone with those apps. One thing that I do not care about is the cloud apps that constantly drain the battery as well.
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    Well, you could come close. Not with the Pre, yet, or WebOS, I had the majority of that on my 800w, but the problem is you've got the iPhone problem you don't want, battery life. You can't even reliably do all that with a decent laptop yet.

    Wasn't all that long ago (two years? Three?) phones didn't even have GPS capability, 3G data, all the stuff we have now. Given that new tech usually hits full steam once a year, we're on track for what you want. But until there's an efficient new battery tech that won't die in two hours, there'll be a wait.
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    How about the Garmin Nuvifone? I hear its terrible but it does some of the things you want so if you're willing to compromise some stuff for other stuff then maybe it fits.

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