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    I don't think that it will be easy to put together a commercial of the Palm Pre that can go head-to-head with the Droid and iPhone. The Pre really doesn't do anything original, it just comes in a package that is different from the iPhone and Droid. I think that Sprint did all they could with the marketing of this device. You can't talk about apps, because the other phones have more. You can't talk about hardware because the other devices have better hardware. They all use the same browser and do email about the same. Sprint has to go for the cheaper package toute. Which they did.
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    What Pre Does that Droid/Iphone Cant....

    Skip across a pond...
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    WebOS hasn't taken off like the others because it's getting kok-blocked by the big boys who've been spending lots of money to bury Palm and it's obviously-superior OS!! There's no reason why we have to rely on home programmers to give us basic apps that should've been made for WebOS by those retail giants! Jappus and Vance had to create ebook software for us...when iPhone and Android have tons to choose from. Considering Palm really allowed ebooks to take off by including eReader for free in many of it's devices, it blows mt mind that the retailers refuse to port over existing ebook software! And that's just one example amongst many! I have a feeling that Palm will soon go the way fo Sega!
    if you recall, Sega had an awesome conse system for games...until Nintendo and Sony (especially Sony!) decided to crush them... Now, Sega just makes games...and soon, Palm will just be concentrating on software with no Palm hardware! That sucks because as shabby as people think Palm hardware's still the most user friendly (imho). long as WebOS survives, I'll take the good with the bad. I DO hope m way wrong on this! I'm a Palm loyalist to the bitter end! Yahoo!
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    I think the Palm lineup and webOS are ready to take Apple, Google and RIM head-on. I know they have said repeatably that they were never targeting the iPhone, but you have to at some point.

    The Apple ads are so successful because they present real life situations and how the iPhone solves them. Straight and to the point.
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    Almost all Palm fans said the low sale of Palm Pre is due to the marketing failure. OK, people don't know how the webos multitasking smooth & elegant. We all know, they don't . It drives us crazy. If I have the chance to do the advertising(sure I won't have), I will cut the advertising screen into two half, on the left hand side I will use this awsome chinese face off changing magic.

    On the right hand side, I will be flipping an already 30+ apps opened Palm.
    ( I do not know how to edit a video, so forgive me and use your imagination)

    Of course for funny purpose, we can add some video showing how clumsy of a droid , or iphone could be when multi-task
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    I watch the droid commercials and iphone commercials and they both say "Can your phone do...." and I always say "yes". My wife laughs, she has a thing for my nerdyness, and I say to her how my phone does all the things they advertise and more. I just don't understand why they think they are special when all 3 phones do the same basic things, yet droid and apple marketing these features as if they are revolutionary and only on their platform. I guess it's just another scheme to trick the brainless mobs of people glued to their TV set.
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