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    Pretend you could not use/keep your Palm Pre phone... which phone would you get instead and why?
    I sure do miss Palm Desktop!
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    What if...

    Nobody posted with cryptic subjects like "What if..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    What if...

    Nobody posted with cryptic subjects like "What if..."
    If only...
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    Welcome Megan.

    These guys are actually really nice people.

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    I would want to stay with Sprint and they dont have anything else that I like. So I would probably go back to a feature phone until they released a new android device.

    If I chose to leave Sprint and had to get a non-webos phone I would get an iphone.
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    I've been a Sprint guy for awhile, so I'd go with one of their phones: most likely a Moment, based upon their current crop.
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    i would stay with sprint and probably go with an android device, more than likely the hero...
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    First I would

    Then I gues I would go back to the Treo 755p.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    What if...

    Nobody posted with cryptic subjects like "What if..."

    I sure do miss Palm Desktop!
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    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    What if...

    Nobody posted with cryptic subjects like "What if..."
    It reminds me of the "What if ..." button on Lotus 123 (MS Excel's competitor, if I remember that right). Apologies for the OT, just could not help it.

    I want a combo version of the best features of iPhone, Pre and Andriod if one ever exists. Don't really like iPhone, as it too restrictive in customization unless you go out of Apple's standard support. Pre too new, too young, still growing but good prospect. Andriod, don't know much about it but looks like some users like it a lot. I have opportunity to get it as an upgrade but I just don't want to increase what I currently pay for my data service. And then there is Windows 7, who knows.
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    Ronbo, I remember that on Lotus 123, as well. Heh. Prolly a Centro 'till something came out that interested me in smartphones. I have played with Moment and Hero, and just am not liking Android much. Would never leave Sprint, and wouldn't get an iPhone even if it came to sprint. Sure hope my Pre doesn't vanish in the middle of the night. The alternatives are just not working for me... :sad
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    It would most likely be a Motorola Droid. I've had my share of blackberries and wanted to move on to something new.
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    I'd get a Droid, Android, whatever that crap is called. I would get one of those. Lol.
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    I don't know, right now on sprint there aren't any phones as powerful or as smooth, or as fast as efficient as a pre.

    I would perhaps have to hold out for a nexus, but no keyboard. If sroid was available, I probably would pass because it's to big to fit comfortably in a jeans pocket, and worse, would wear out pants faster making holes in the pockets with there corners over time.

    so, perhaps I would wait for a device like a nexus with keyboard. Or a nice winphone 7 device.

    moment and hero don't do it for me, blackberries aren't my style.

    truth is the pre is the most satisfying phone I have owned.

    although I have been lucky, and generally feel that way about each new gen.

    so in the end, next gen would be my choice, otherwise dumbphone and il make due with one of my old devices on wifi.

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