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    It would look like this!

    Leak of the new Blackberry slider: BlackBerry slider photos leak out! -- Engadget
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    figured itd look more pixi-y
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    It would definitely be running WebOS though!!
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    That's the first Blackberry device I'd ever consider looking into. Keyboard and touchscreen.

    I'd heard it may have already been nixed, though.
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    It would have to have touch screen and webOS
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    This is actually what I'd like the next Palm phone to be. Full size touch screen (at least as big as iPhone) with a better vertical slider keyboard (as good as a current Blackberry).Give it the fastest processor, 512 ram and 16 (32?) gb ... a super-Pre.
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    I dream that my Pre would have a Blackberry keyboard with all the keycaps but it need to run WebOS with some blackberry type options and features.

    Palm get rid of this stupid gel keys and get some hard buttons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeep View Post
    Palm get rid of this stupid gel keys and get some hard buttons.
    The gel keys rock. It's different that all the others.

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    I second @davis.rob ...but also give me the device on Sprint, and include an unlocked SIM card slot so I can use it abroad. That would make this my dream device.
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    Palm's WebOS plus BlackBerry's hardware quality and keyboard is the ultimate dream I've never typed on anything better than my old Bold 9000.

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