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    I started this thread...

    That eventually got moved into the Pixi complaints thread. I posted this there, but I doubt anyone is reading that thread, so I figured I'd start a new one. Maybe this won't get merged into a thread no one ever looks at.

    I had people ask me to report back after spending some time with the Droid. Here's my findings...

    #1. I hate the keyboard. Hate it. It sucks. Can't get used to it. I use the onscreen virtual keyboard 95% of the time. It's OK, but it still sucks. The Pixi has the best keyboard I've ever used. CLEAR, HUGE advantage for Pixi.

    #2. 5 times or so in the last 3 weeks, the phone has rang, but I couldn't answer it, see who was calling, etc. I'd have to pull the battery, and when it booted back up, there was no record of the call. So I'd have no idea who called (and I don't have voicemail, so they can't leave a message). I'd say I've had a "Force close" (the equivelant of locking up) once every 2 days on different apps. However, a Force close is VERY easy to recover from. You don't have to reboot or anything. Just push the button and wait 3 seconds. Despite all this, my Pixi would do the same thing (ring, but no ability to answer) occasionally, and the only way to get past it was to pull the battery then wait 5 minutes for it to reboot. Advantage - Droid.

    #3. Overall Speed. The Droid is super fast all the time. The only thing I don't like is that many of the apps have to be manually killed. You can't just turn them off by "swiping" them away. I have a button on one of my home screens that kills everything. That being said, it doesn't run much slower when they are open. I've never gotten a "too many cards" message. I like the "Swipe", but I'm still going to have to give the advantage to Droid.

    #4. There are a TON of widgets available so you can customize your home screen(s). It is a lot easier to customize the Droid than the Pixi. Droid wins.

    #5. Adjusting settings. The Droid still confuses me sometimes. I'd had to look for a while to figure out how to make the keyboard stop making the "typing" sound everytime I typed. It took a few minutes. I looked everywere. Why? The Pixi was a lot more intuitive on settings. Advantage pixi.

    #6. Notification bar. You know, the one where if you leave your phone on the charger for 20 minutes and you come back and you have a missed call icon, an email icon, a text icon, etc. Yeah, that. This one is a tie. The Pixi notification bar is MUCH better. That being said, if you have a few notifications, it could take you 30 seconds to get through them all. The Droid notification window has to be "opened" to access them. You can go to each quickly, but then you have to reopen it to access the next one. I'm going to call this a Tie. The Pixi is easier to navigate, but the lag of the phone makes the overall time it takes to do those 3 things longer. The Droid instantly opens whatever you click, but then you have to "open" the notifications bar again to get to the next one. No Advantage.

    #7. Carrying the phone. At first, it was HEAVY. That being said, I was going from the lightest phone I'd ever had to the heaviest phone I've ever had. And it's soo much bigger. I find myself getting the Droid caught on stuff (I wear a belt holster) occasionally. It doesn't bother me, but if I had to pick, I'd go with the size/weight/form factor of the Pixi over the Droid. Advantage Pixi

    #8. Battery life. Holy Crap. I talk a lot. Like, back before the $99.99 unlimited plan, I had 2500 daytime minutes, with 7pm nites/weekends and sprint to sprint. And I'd still go over. I talk a lot. Usually, Monday and Friday (the 2 days I get the most calls), I'd be plugging in my Pre/Pixi by 3pm. I had the busiest day of my life last week. Phone rang, literally, all day, about every 5 minutes. At 7pm, I was at 40% battery. The Droid battery is AMAZING. It lasts forever. You will not kill it. I guess the downside to that is the size/weight. But still. Holy crap. The droid lasts forever. I don't think you could kill the battery in a day. Big advantage - Droid.

    I think I've covered everything. There are good apps in the app store for both. There seem to be A TON of forthcoming Android devices. I've replaced my precentral favorites icon with and androidcentral icon. Every day almost, there is info on a new device. There is a TON of developer support. I have multiple barcode scanning apps. And there are a buttload of manufacturers making Android devices. There is one making webOS devices. I will say that some of the apps I've downloaded haven't worked on the Droid, and that it's known that they don't work. And I can see that becoming a problem as more and more phones are released, but people are writing software for individual devices (think about if you went to download an app for your HP, and then realized it would only work on a Dell - it would get old QUICKLY). I guess I can give an app store advantage to Palm, because you can rest assured that if it's in their store, it's going to work. If it's in the Android Market, eh, it may work. However, there are probably 10 apps that do the same thing in the Android Market. Vs MAYBE 1 in the Palm store. I don't know the numbers, but I'd guess that there are 10+x as many apps in the Android Market than the Palm.


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    Battery life and speed seem to have improved drastically with the 1.4 update, which would help in those categories. Over all pretty informative, although it does seem like you are leaning towards the Pixi which begs the question... Why not come back to the Palm side?
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    A Battery life improvement (I remember a few during my pre/pixi days) means I'm putting it on the charger at 3:30 instead of 3. With the Droid, it's just not an issue. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone with a problem with the battery life. It's just amazing. Night and day.

    As for the speed, I'm afraid the speed improvement would be the same. Instead of 10 seconds to load the calendar, it would be 9. The Droid calendar loads instantly. Want to go to next Thursday. Done. With the Palm, there was just too much lag. In almost everything that I NEEDED. Email, phone, calendar, messaging. Too much lag. I can live with all the other downsides to the Pixi. But not the lag.

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    I'm not talking a minimal blip, there is literally a big boost. Admittedly I only used my phone a few times last night but in a 9 hour stretch I dropped just under 5% where as before 1.4 if my phone idled for 9 hours it would drop around 20% Ironically though I have friends with Droids and they carry there chargers like I do my Touchstone so I guess it probably depends on how you use it. I have a Pre, but I'm about to pick up a Pixi for one of my other lines. Speed of the UI apparently improved more for the Pixi than the Pre but there is a noticeable difference for my Pre as well.
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    I will never understand why anyone gives a rats azz about the difference in a few seconds,,unless you are the president of the united states,and the difference between opening yr calendar from 3 secs to 8 secs will mean some how millons of people will die. Lolol sorry ,,i don't get it,,i guess it is a nerd thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zmann View Post
    I will never understand why anyone gives a rats azz about the difference in a few seconds,,unless you are the president of the united states,and the difference between opening yr calendar from 3 secs to 8 secs will mean some how millons of people will die. Lolol sorry ,,i don't get it,,i guess it is a nerd thing.
    It most certainly is a nerd thing. (No offense OP) I can appreciate the desire for more speed but WebOS is just too much of a joy to use for me to let it get me down. I can't stand Android, there's no parity between devices (Different guts). IMHO it's too WinMo for it's own good. Android is hot right now but once the big glaring issue of having several devices with different specs running different versions begins to really come out it won't be all roses for Googles Mobile OS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zmann View Post
    I will never understand why anyone gives a rats azz about the difference in a few seconds,,unless you are the president of the united states,and the difference between opening yr calendar from 3 secs to 8 secs will mean some how millons of people will die. Lolol sorry ,,i don't get it,,i guess it is a nerd thing.
    Are you kidding? A few seconds? When you are talking on the phone and someone is asking you to look 5 days ahead and it takes you 30 seconds to get there? When my Treo 600 from 2003 could do it in 2 seconds. It's a long time. And it's crazy.

    You can't tell me you haven't hit the button twice, only for the Pixi to "catch up" and push the button that wasn't showing that showed up after you pushed the screen the second time. So you dial the call, then immediately hang up. You haven't done that? Come on. I did it every day.

    And it doesn't have to be like that.

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    ^im at that point webos is very fun, intuitive, fluid...but the lag is really annoying when it IS anoying.
    No what i mean?

    I'm saying, lag is annoying no matter what...but sometimes when its really bugging me, it just REALLY bugs me. lol i feel like you know what i mean.
    And for now im enjoying it, but one thing thats especially annoying is the lag when scrolling (especially in picture viewing/reading)

    But i do love webos and the preware etc, so i'm still with my pixi for now and for the long haul...fingers crossed on updates that make it flow better
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    i use google calendar on the pre and I use an app called agenda to look up appts. if I want to look them up fast.
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    what is the capacity of the battery in the Droid?
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    is this a fair comparison or just two reviews?

    tune in tomorrow where I will compare the Motorola Devour to the Palm Pre Plus....

    never used a pixi but how's the droid's camera?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hrminer92 View Post
    what is the capacity of the battery in the Droid?
    It's 1400 mAh.
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    I think if you like WebOS, and you are on Verizon, you should have tried the Palm Pre Plus. The Pixi is going to lag a lot more than the Pre Plus. Much weaker CPU and half the RAM.

    I think you still have time to return your DROID. Give it back to them, get the Pre, try it out, and if you don't like it, return it and get the DROID again(or maybe the Nexus one will be out by then).

    I think that the extra ram on the Pre Plus gives it a real advantage over every other phone. I wish I could open so many cards on my Pre, and not have to reset it to load 3D games.
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    the speed of the webos now after 1.4 is amazingly faster, no lag and even if there were a little,id be ok with it..its a multi tasking beast. I'd expect some if I'm doing alot at once but you should b coming back home homie...i dunno much bout the stock battery with the update because I have the extended
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    well good now that you have the droid plssss go to android central forums n stay away fr this one, this one is for issues wit pre n pixi users so GOOD BYE N DON't COME BACK PLSSSS!!!!!
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    when you all talk lag on the pixi, is it just when you first open an app?
    If the app is already open in card view, does it open fast when switch to it?

    in other words if I keep my most popular 5-7 apps in card view can i switch between them quickly or is there still the lag getting to them?
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    I love technology and phones. I love WebOS, its the cleanest and well thought out operating system on the market in my opinion. One thing that I love about it is that no matter what device its on its always capable of the latest update. With android unless your running an ARMv7 processor your probably out of luck for any future updates, unless you wanna load your own custom ROM. I dont think that google does a very good job of regulating the devices that run android. With WebOS devices I at least know what Im gonna get across the board. Plus, I think that motorola as a phone company is a joke. Ive had more problems with motorola's than all other brands i have had to deal with combined.
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    I have very little lag if any on my pixi. I usually have 3 or 4 cards open at once. No lag at all moving through open apps. When I lauch an app the splash card comes up then one glow behind the icon and then the app opens. I'm very pleased with how webos works on my pixi. I am running 1.4.
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    How is the Droid... ya know I heard on it's ad that it can go on the internet....

    I wish my Pre could go on the internet.

    Too bad though huh?
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    There is some good info on the forum but, seriously, how can you compare the Droid and Pixi? It's like having your buddy armwrestle your sister: not fair.

    Besides, the Droid and Pixi are made for completely different people. The Pixi is for someone who not only doesn't use wifi, it's for someone who doesn't know what wifi is. I would buy a Pixi for my mom or wife in a heartbeat, but that's becasue they don't need or know how to use all the advanced features that a Droid/Pre have to offer. It would be lost on them.

    Going from a Pixi to a Droid is like going from beer to grain alcohol. And comparingthe two makes about as much sense.
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