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    I'm probably going to buy myself a new PDA in the next month or so. In the past, I've purchased my two Visors directly from Handspring, but I think I may go the retail route this time.

    I live close to an Office Depot, a Staples and a CompUSA. Which one is the best place to buy a PDA? Folks here on the board have mentioned various warranty or trade-in programs, I'd be curious to hear what your experiences have been with that type of thing.
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    Office Depot has no Handspring

    Staples will match prices 110%

    CompUSA is also really good
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    Originally posted by terrysalmi
    CompUSA is also really good
    Although, keep in mind the have a 15% restock fee! That cost me $60 once!
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    Staples will match prices 110%
    Shame they won't match online prices
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    Originally posted by coppertop
    Shame they won't match online prices
    Who says they wont! They do!

    Just watch out though, they will try and charge you for overnight shipping because you get the item immediately at Staples! rolleyes:
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    Some things to consider:

    Circuit City and CompUsa charge 15% restocking fee.

    Best Buy and Office Depot have a complete 30 day refund policy.

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    Personally, I would go with BestBuy or CompUSA. I really like the CompUSA Extended Warranty better because it covers the PDA if you drop it.

    The CompUSA warranty is more expensive and is only two years. The BestBuy warranty is three years, but not quite as good in my opinion.

    As stated already, CompUSA does have a 15% Restocking Fee for open items. However, I purchased an iPaq 3835 because the guy who sold it to me waived the restocking fee. Good thing, as I returned a couple of days later. I am not sure if all CompUSA's will waive the restocking fee, but they certainly have the power to do so. It never hurts to ask.

    On an intersting side note, I just saw a commercial yesterday for CircuitCity and they commented on the fact that they DO NOT have a restocking fee.
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    Dell usually has 10% off, free shipping or something going on at their site. Didn't notice anything running right now but I'd check back every week or so.
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    But dude, you'd have to get a Dell ...
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    Originally posted by Yorick
    But dude, you'd have to get a Dell ...
    not neccesarily...

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