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    Trying to find a memory stick camera for my CLIE 760 but can only find them off Sony's website for $149. Does anyone know of any retailer who carries them for a better price? Also, what's the picture quality of this camera?
  2. #2 has them for the same price, but with free shipping.
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    Originally posted by coppertop
    Also, what's the picture quality of this camera?
    Check out the review at PIC:
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    so far nothing beats they eyemodule(in palm os, anyways).

    actually, the kodak palmpix for m500/505/130 beats it in quality and features, but you have to take it off to hotsync. on the other hand, you can use memory cards without removing the camera.

    anyways, thats one of the big things(besides being poor, poor, poor) that keep me from sony. if the nr70v had VGA resolution, i would be beside myself with technolust.

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    Seriously, the NR70V and Memory Stick cameras are really just toys. 320x240 is ridiculously small. If either were even just a measly 640x480 and had a macro mode I would snap it up - perfect for ebay item pics and random webpages.

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    Check out this camera:

    Much better than the Zaurus CF camera (640x480). Hopefully someone will write a Zaurus driver soon...

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