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    Here's a post I copied from cliesource.

    This is a tool to help you to change your Graffiti area skin without pain.

    So you can have many skin files saved in your MS card and change your Graffiti
    area anytime you want

    How to use:

    0. Create your own skin by using
    PRCedit,and make sure you have
    disabled the attribute "Backup" "Copy
    Protect" and "Read Only". In the
    field "PRC Name", change the default
    name "silkskin" to "silkskin_XXX" ,
    (e.g silkskin_myskin, silkskin_starwar)
    then save your silkskin file to any
    file name you want.

    1. Hotsync SilkChange.prc to your PDA

    2. Create a new folder in your MS card
    (PALM\SilkSkin), and save your own
    silkskin file to this folder. (you
    can use MsImport to transfer your
    file to this folder)

    3. Run SilkChange and choose the skin
    you want and press the "Set" button
    and done. The program will do a
    soft reset and change the skin for

    PS. Warning ! Backup your files before using this program. The skin files come with this program is for Japanese NR70, so don't use them.

    I've attached only the "SilkScreen Change" application.

    Plus here the link to the app that allows you to create and edit skins called PRCedit. Make sure to make backups of your original files.

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