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    I got the Sony Clie NR70 from Dell for $427 shipped.

    1) Go to then click on "Home and Home Office"

    2) On the right side there should a link to "Handhelds." click it.

    3) look for a product search box (near top I think?)

    4) type in "NR70." Click search.

    When checking out use these coupons:

    7A83FE73C267 - 10% off (expires 5/15)

    46BD54E0E35F - $25 off of $300 or more (expires 5/13)

    The total will be: $424.10

    Shipping is HALF off right now.

    3-5 day ground is $3.50
    2nd business is $6.00
    NEXT day is only $10.00


    You CANNOT find the NR70 through regular links - you will only find the NR70V which is OUT OF STOCK. BTW the NR70 is currently IN STOCK! but you must do a search for it (sneaky Dell-ites!)

    Hope that helps someone! It sure helped me!


    P.S. Sorry about all the ALLCAPS and BOLD and exclamation points... I'm just really excited that I got a great deal on an in-stock product. ^_^
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    Great deal.

    By the way, is that the NR70 with (NR70V) or without the camera (NR70U)?
    It's all about how you spend the money.
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    Mike, I've never heard of the NR70 being referenced as the NR70U. Sonystyle's website refers to the one with a camera as the NR70V and the one without as the NR70.

    The manual refers to there being only an NR70 and NR70V.

    Where did you arrive at that delineation?

    In any case, I was refering to the NR70. This is the one without the camera. I have a 6 mega pixel digital camera so I didn't feel like paying $100 extra for a 100,000 pixel toy camera.

    The NR70V is out of stock at Dell btw (it's on backorder). The NR70 is in stock though! ^_^

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    Some of the documentation that came with the NR70 calls it the NR70U. I don't know why, but it refers to the same thing.
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    Thanks for the clarification!


    I just received the NR70 and I looked through the documentation.

    The NR70 is also referred to as the NR70/U... but the NR70V is also referred to (in the same section) as the NR70V/U.

    So it saying so adding the "U" on the end of NR70 doesn't really help clarify at all whether we are referring to the one with the camera or not. The only delineation used to indicate that is the absence or presence of the "V."

    The "U" stands for USA, btw.

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    YEESH that was fast!

    I ordered the NR70 from Dell last Saturday night (5/11) and received it Tuesday afternoon! (5/14) Wowsers....


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