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    Curious, any suggestions on a simple flip type case that won't add bulk to my CLIE 760? Currently using a Krussell case (very similar to a VAJA) and would love to find a flip case that doesnt have the bulk and allows for hotsync with cable or cradle.

    Anything new out there?
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    I guess this means that visorcentral is a good site if people that have even abandoned Handspring and its Visor line still ask for opinions on these boards, keep up the good work visorcentral!
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    Actually it is a good website. I found it when I had my Prism and it proved very useful and when I switched to the CLIE, I still find it useful.

    I reckon that's why they have a discussion topic "All Handhelds".
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    I have an E&B Slipper for my 760 and I love it. It also costs like 1/3 a Vaja!
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