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    Or WinMo on Pre, whatever, What exactly is preventing this? The hardware on these devices seems very very similar.
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    Palm designs their hardware around their OS, so I don't see the allure of Android on the Pre or webOS on a piece of hardware not designed by Palm. Sure the keyboardless slabs like the Nexus One are nice, but they lack a hardware keyboard which is a major part of webOS.
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    most likely just the bootloader.
    you can run Android on some win mobile phones, I thing you "just" have to get the pre bootloader to boot it, and adapt the android kernel to support the pres hardware.

    both not easy, but possible.
    the other way don't have the source for win mo or webOS, so no porting.
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    The issue is probably drivers above all else. Also, no one really wants to run WinMo and Android users have little reason to run WebOS(other than for fun)

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