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    ive looking for a while for a device to replace my ipod touch and ive had a few in mind mainly the zune hd or the archos 5 or 7 but the zune doesnt seem to offer anything that "wows" me and the archos has had bad reviews anyone have either first hand experience with either device or another recommendation thanks
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    I have a zune hd and I'd have to say it's the best mp3 player I've had...coming from an ipod has a super slick ui and the hd fm tuner is a cool plus
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    anyone else have any advice?
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    8GB MP3 Video Player with Touch Screen:Amazon:Electronics

    zune HD is great.

    also sony has one
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    look up "onda" mp4....they got many versions so I wount give you a specific model. I have one, even tho is not one of the newest ones, it's still pretty good. I'd say is the closest best option to an ipod touch. Hope this helped.
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    I have the ZuneHD and I love it!! The only compliant I have is that it does not come in a 64g model.
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    I had the 1st big archos, loved it. Then it didn't survive a dirt bike fall, nor did the bike lol.

    gf got me an ipod nano..... I can't stand it. I just use a cheap iriver or the pre now and carry extra batteries.

    I hate itunes. The nano is the 4th one, 1st just died one day and wouldn't turn on, smelled horrible. 2nd battery died and wouldn't take a charge, 3rd same thing. 4th works, but barely ever registers touches. Very annoying.

    i've been eyeing the zune myself
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    Just curious... What is it that you don't like about the Ipod touch?
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    memory too small, being charged for updates, having to void my warranty just to put a background up and countless other reasons
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    I've had a Sandisk 8GB Sansa Rhapsody for a while now and I've been happy with it. My nephew swears by his Archos 5 and I'm waiting for winmobile 7 to decide between a Win7 phone and the ZuneHD. I'm sold on the Zune Pass being the best music deal out there and that's what drives my player choice. I'd recommend that if you're more into video, get or look closely at the sleek Archos (non-g) 60 GB 5 -it's a great deal; or if you're music-intense, get the ZuneHD. BTW, I've already installed the PC Zune software and it is very cool. Finally, if you're into video games, HD video/homestreaming, etc. (I'm not very much these days), the growing integration and advancements of the Zune and X-Box are also very promising. Good luck and enjoy your choice.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    Samsung makes some of the best mp3 players out there, touch screen included. They have easy and fun OS with them and aren't really expensive. The Samsung P2 and P3 are great. I owned the P2, and have heard that the P3 is just awesome. Here is a link to Samsung's website for the P3:

    16GB flash MP3 player P3 (16GB) - MP3 Players - MP3 Players | SAMSUNG
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    BTW, I haven't tried ordering from this site yet, so caveat emptor; but, if a Zen appeals to you, this seems like pretty compelling deal: Mp3 Players Deals - Portable Media Players Deals

    I consider an expansion slot to be the most underrated feature on a player.
    Here's a full device profile at my usual haunt: Creative Labs Zen MX 16 GB MP3 Player (Black): Electronics
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    wait for archos 7 -coming in march/april for $179

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