View Poll Results: Would you ditch your Palm Pre for a Nexus One?

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    15 9.55%
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    108 68.79%
  • Eh, maybe

    34 21.66%
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    Would you ditch your Palm Pre for a Nexus One?
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    <Looks around cautiously> GOOGLE SUX!!!!

    <please dont delte my accounts....>
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    Only if I wanted 10 times less network coverage.
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    so far 100% saying ''no way'' we are so loyal to our pre's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sketch42 View Post

    <looks around cautiously> google sux!!!!

    <please dont delte my accounts....>
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    Maybe not for the Nexus one but a few other phones. I am sure by June I will no longer have the pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tamz786 View Post
    .... we are so loyal to our pre's.
    Speak 4 urself, buddy.
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    Luv my launch day Pre and webOS, awesome phone, won't switch till the next Palm device comes out!
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    No, love the Pre form factor.
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    I like the processor, but that's it. I don't like slabs, I need a physical keyboard and I don't like Android OS... so I had to vote NO.
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    I was using the Droid; which is pretty much a Nexus One.

    It's a good alternative, but I enjoy my Pre.
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    It depends. If the Pre/WebOS can't support my needs then I will switch. Right now however, it is performing beautifully. I will make the general grumble about the lack of smoothness in the OS.
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    Put WebOS on the Nexus One and you've got yourself a deal
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    On Sprint? Possibly.
    Pre's screen & browser are getting on my nerves. Between the "too many cards" error when I only have 2 open and the size of the screen, I can easily admit I'm ready for an upgrade.
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    until 3D games and the promise of a video camera, I was jizzing over the hero, but now I don't care about it that much. I tried it out in the store, but I am now REALLY optimistic about Palm's app future with the PDK.
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    very tempting to trade in my pre for N1. Giving up the great OS for better build in the N1 with an ok google os. I probably would trade in my pre for the supersonic since it is going to be on sprint.
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    if, today, it was on Sprint or Verizon, then absolutely.
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    If the N1 had a keyboard, or if Palm wasn't working on the PDK, video recording, and voice dialing I would.
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