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    My Business teacher has always seen me use my VDX (and showing off the stowaway) in her class and has always thought of it as a cool toy if you have the money...

    Well, she went to a conference yesterday where she was converted. She was impressed with all you could do with a Palm handheld and how you can take notes, etc, play games, do spreadsheets even! They even had one of those beaming stations set up where if you had a palm, you could download the conference agenda...

    Well, today in class, she takes my Palm (and I'm wondering whats up) and says 'this is a great device. you all need to get one, and not just the cheap one, either. you want one with 8 megs of memory (I showed her my 8mb+64mb cf card!), color screen (i still want this one!), and a keyboard. Get a palm between $200-$300 (i can dream...). It will be a great help in college, and this is what the world is coming to. You don't carry a laptop in college anymore, you carry the foldable keyboard and pda (which I've been trying to convince people at my school of for months...). You can even play cool games on it!

    She then went on for the rest of the class period about saving money and how we could save up $250 to get one (graduation money from ) She is also going to have me help her decide which one to get and the best software...(Prism+Stowaway+Wordsmith+Tinysheet)

    This was a cool class... (now if only I can get my grades up.... )
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    Thats an interesting story. Keep preachin'
    It's all about how you spend the money.
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    Amen Brother, another soul has seen the light
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