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    So, now we know what Windows mobile 7 looks like, and beyond the eye candy, the only real innovation I saw there was the idea of "hubs". These appear to be a form of Synergy for apps. Rather than lots of apps running at the same time, as the webOS allows, it appears that you have a hub that opens all related "apps"/functionality at the same time and allows you to swipe between them horizontally (As you can do on webOS, though in a less organized fashion).

    If it works as I think it will, the API will allow developers to build hub plugins to extend the functionality of specific hubs.

    On the face of it, it appears to make the UI more complicated, but if all related tasks from the same mind space are presented in the same horizontal scrolling area, it might make things easier. This would kind of be Synergy for apps.

    So, does this have any implications for webOS? Should palm try to do anything like this? Where our apps are made with HTML, it would technologically be fairly simple. Should webOS have functionality hubs with plugins to add features? I kind of like the idea.
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    the hubs are like a desktop app broken down into columns, with service plug-in from different developers the hub will evolve, on the home screen, they have tiles, which give real-time info depending on what hub you have placed on the home screen

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