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    In the begining there was graffiti. And it was good. However recently there has been a new trend in the PDA market. Thumb keyboards. The new Sharp Zaurus has a hidden thumb keyboard that you can reveal by pulling down the bottom, one of its major selling points. The new Treo180 has a thumb board, the new sony has a thumb board. And for almost any PDA that still doesn't have a built-in thumb board you can buy a thumb board attachment that can go over the graffiti area. Even some of the PPCs have thumb board accessories available. So do you think that this is a fad because its different and looks cool? Or are thumb boards here to stay? Will graffiti die?
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    You forgot the Psion's they have had keyboards since the dark ages...

    Ever since I got my Mako (Psion clone) I cannot force myself to use grafiti any more...

    My VDx has one of those keyboard stickers on it because I could not get used to graffiti...

    But then again I hardly ever write with pan and paper so I'm very keyboard focused...
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    I really like Graffiti and I too have been worried that it is slowly going away.
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    We have had this debate before, and it seems to come down to a.) what you do with your PDA, and b.) your preferences.

    I really like Graffiti, I got rid of a thumb board after trying it- Graffiti just works smoother and more naturally for me for most applications.

    I use the desktop and Stow-a-way for longer writing, and I can Graffiti about as fast as most people can thumb-type. I also really like the way Graffiti keeps the size and cost of the PDA down!
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    Originally posted by ToolkiT
    But then again I hardly ever write with pan and paper so I'm very keyboard focused...
    oh, I never use pan and paper; I have such difficulty getting them to make readable marks and sometimes it gets all greasy.
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    There will always be two ways to input a PDA.

    1) written/scribble

    2) Keyboard

    If the technology permits

    3) Voice Recognition

    aw heck why not

    4) Thought/Brainwaves

    My point is Graffiti may go way but the stylus ain't. We'll probably have real handwriting recognition in Palm devices very soon.
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