Many you probably saw this link on the VC Main Page.

Its regarding Active Armor which is producing a rugged, rubberized case for the Visor line, and is seeking comment from PDA owners on what PDA they would like to see them produce a cover for next. These cases look very rugged and since they fit tightly around the PDA, they look like they could protect from a Clie from damage in a fall. This would be especially useful with the sensitive color models like mine. BTW, I have no connection whatsoever to Active Armor!

Well I went to and I e-mailed them and told them that they should make one for the Clie series. They replied they have been considering it, but that Sony changes styles and connectors so frequently that they are weighing their options. I personally think they' will hit PPC or Palm Inc. products next.

If you like the case, go to their site and e-mail them because they are open to requests from users. I swore the only accessory I would purchase for my Clie would be a 128MB Memory Stick, but this looks very useful.