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    Well, after a couple months using my Audiovox Maestro, I'm switching back to a Handera 330. 2 reasons.

    Stablility. - Although I love ActiveSync, the overall bugginess of the PPC2002 drives me nuts. I've got alarms that don't go off on time, flashing LED's for no reason, contacts that will mysteriously drop off, etc.

    Function. - I'm going to miss the color, but its not a requirement. Plus I've got a lot of Palm software just sitting around that I paid a lot for...might as well use it.

    Anyone else come back to Palm after the PocketPC didn't live up to their expectations?

    (right now, neither is a perfect solution, but its the lesser of 2 evils...)
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    I'm soon to leave Palm for Linux (Sharp Zaurus). I'll tell you if I come back...
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    I got the Maestro from CompUSA when they were $299. I thought it was too cheap to pass up. I wanted to see what everybody else loved about the PPC2002 devices. Alas, I was not impressed. Check the thread here. I've had similar experiences. Not to mention that the software totally trashed my system to the point I had to reinstall Win98. To this day my system still isn't the same as before I loaded that junk!
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