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    Rumored Windows Phone 7 details surface ahead of MWC launch: Zune-like UI, no multitasking -- Engadget

    if this turns out to be true then this may be great news for palm. all the loyal windows fans will most likley jump ship to iphone, Android or webos..
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    Perhaps not. I don't see a huge difference of this or what they had before except better battery life.

    How many people will see a difference in true multitasking and background tasks being paused and then resumed back to previous state? They could possibly have api's that could allows applications to speak to each other still, who knows.

    Who knows if ANY of this is even true?

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    PalmOS went from being outdated to being one of the more advanced phone OS's out there. So why couldn't Microsoft do the same with WinMo?

    I'm not a zune fan, but I've used the latest ones and the interface is gorgeous, features are maturing nicely and the whole xbox live thing is a big deal. So if MS. takes advantage of what they have out there (zune, xbox, surface technologies) and builds on it then WinMo can be a solid competitor to Android, iPhoneOS and WebOS.

    Palm fans are acting as I'd WebOS is now a game machine but imagine what Microsoft could do if they pushed their resources and tried to make winmo/zune a gaming platform.
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    By reading multiple WM forums, if the rumors are true then Android phones will get a HUGE bump in sales!
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    Here's what we DO know. There will be a Window Mobile 7 which will almost certainly get some traction due to the fact that it's a Microsoft product and has established base of users, developers, and hardware manufacturers. Apple and RIM currently have significant market share. Android is the latest thing and is backed by Google and Verizon.

    And then there is Palm. Once Windows 7, iPhone 4.0, and Android's next iterations are announced, people are really going to be asking what is so special about Palm and their two WebOS devices.
    I have that feeling too. There's little room for palm... I am just hoping for the best! even if palm can emulate much of the iphones in terms of apps... it would still be behind. Ahh it's frustrating to think of what they could do!

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