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    Guess what Cnet gives some love to Sprint. They got Sprint top phones on their main page but guess what?..... no Palm Pre. They have LG Lotus, HTC Hero (and in review they mention to have mutlitouch not as good as Pre's), Samsung Intinct HD, LG LX370 & HTC Touch Pro 2.

    Just in case its moved from front page here is the link for the page where it takes you to actual video reviews:

    Videos - Free video downloads and streaming video - CNET TV

    I mean come on I can understand they didn't give Palm Pre praises just like other mainstream tech sites didnt but isn't this really obvious to be a mistake?
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    Yeah cnet got the finger from me a while ago. They seem to have decided to see where the future of mobile devices are going.
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    CNET is lame. Verizon is advertizing the Pre on all of CNET's banners though
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    maybe they're not impressed with the build quality.
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    The whole fact that they list the Samsung Instinct HD as a top phone alone says it all to me. I read a lot of CNET and they rarely get the facts straight when it comes to the Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by splitsick View Post
    CNET is lame. Verizon is advertizing the Pre on all of CNET's banners though
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    Quote Originally Posted by kcw View Post
    maybe they're not impressed with the build quality.
    They didn't even pick one up to test at CES and declared a dead device. So I don't think its the build quality.
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    I used to go to Cnet's site all the time, now, I haven't been to the site until today to see this none sense. Sad to see them slip. Really tho, the Samsung Instinct HD?!?
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    Who the hell goes to CNET
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    CNET knows as much about electronics and gadgets as my Grandmother, and she's not been with us for a long long time.

    The site isn't worth the bandwidth my old 14.4 modem used.
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    CNET only promotes products that are featured on their site, like Samsung.
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    Quote Originally Posted by solarus View Post
    The site isn't worth the bandwidth my old 14.4 modem used.
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    Reading articles at CNET is like buying gadgets at Best Buy
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    As much as I love the Pre, the release on Sprint was far from impressive. The specs were outdated the moment they were released, the build quality was mediocre and there were no apps, slow WebOS, etc. Truth is that the Palm Pre Plus is everything the Sprint release should have been had Palm just not played games with consumers and thinking they can make big fast cash with mediocre intermediary releases.
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    The Pre Plus is on the top 5 for Verizon phones though. It has to do with the rating they give the device though. They gave the original Sprint Pre a 7.7 if im not mistaken and the Pre Plus got a 8.0.
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    CNET has always had horrible "Top 5" device listings. Sometimes it's even less fathomable than this one. Unfortunately, I'm sure there are 13 or 14 people who put stock in their ratings, and 7 or 8 of them might skip the Pre because of it. So that's sad.
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    If the article was for top 5 best smart phones, I'd say cnet is wrong---Pre #1. User interface, web connectivity, andpersonal information management are all excelled by the Pre. The hardware is upscale too.
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    CNET use to be the reliable goto source on electronics etc. but those days have been long gone imo. I take everything they say with a grain of salt and don't make anything of the fact that the Pre is not on the list other than it stands on its own merit and doesn't need to be pimped on CNET.

    edit* How could a phone that is constantly compared to the iPhone and usually comes out on top not be on the list? seriously?
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    People read articles at Cnet? Their articles and videos are pretty weak, but they have some great podcasts. This list is ridiculous; almost all of the downsides they list on these phones are not issues on the Pre. Only problem with the phone is build quality, but it's not like the thing is going to fall apart on you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by digink View Post
    Who the hell goes to CNET
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