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    engadget anyone?
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    engadget rides steve jobs coat tail imo
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    How the hell is the instinct on there?

    I HAD the instinct. That thing SUCKED. And I used the new one in the store for a good 10 minutes. Nothing changed besides the look.

    Pre > Instinct. All day.
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    This site (CNET) was usable MAYBE 15 years ago... but is about as reliable to electronics news now-a-days as Paris Hilton is to election coverage. The last time they said anything worthwhile - Milli Vanilli was on top of the charts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thekarens View Post
    The whole fact that they list the Samsung Instinct HD as a top phone alone says it all to me. I read a lot of CNET and they rarely get the facts straight when it comes to the Pre.
    If the Samsung Instinct HD is anything like the Samsung Instinct, cnet just lost all credibility with me because the Instinct was a HUGE letdown and very poor phone to boot. The only way it is better then the Pre is HD video recording but in every other way there is no comparison whatsoever. I'm pretty sure the Instinct HD is significantly more expensive then the Pre also. I suffered through two years of the Instinct and would choose a free-on-contract dumbphone before I would use another Instinct

    The day I got the Pre was a awesome day. The Pre was really nice and everything but I didn't have to use the ****ty Instinct anymore!

    I can't emphasize it enough, the Instinct was the worst phone I ever owned, no contest!
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    you guys are like xbox 360 fans! :P
    The Pre has issues, admit it! Most of which can be fixed, but palm are taking their merry time about it
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    Lol cnet. If this article was posted by a legit tech site that had a grain of credibility I would maybe be upset. But cnet??? Really???
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    Quote Originally Posted by peabrain View Post
    you guys are like xbox 360 fans! :P
    The Pre has issues, admit it! Most of which can be fixed, but palm are taking their merry time about it
    I never touched a Instinct (glad I haven't) but I heard it was a pretty big fail. If the touch screen has THAT much of an issue to start with I ain't gonna bother. The Pre on the other hand I knew even before I got it that it would be a great phone. When I did it was probably a better experience than I thought and in some ways better than my ipod touch. Proof is that I started try to swipe the bottom of my ipod to go back and I forgot it didn't operate that way. Saying a lot in my book. As for any other issues I've seen or heard with this phone I've not experienced it other than the really ****ty batt life.
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    CNET blows
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ehsan View Post
    Guess what Cnet gives some love to Sprint. They got Sprint top phones on their main page but guess what?..... no Palm Pre. They have LG Lotus, HTC Hero (and in review they mention to have mutlitouch not as good as Pre's), Samsung Intinct HD, LG LX370 & HTC Touch Pro 2.

    Product reviews and prices, software downloads, and tech news - CNET

    Just in case its moved from front page here is the link for the page where it takes you to actual video reviews:

    Videos - Free video downloads and streaming video - CNET TV

    I mean come on I can understand they didn't give Palm Pre praises just like other mainstream tech sites didnt but isn't this really obvious to be a mistake?
    On that list the Pre should replace the Samsung Instinct HD. The funny thing is the summary brief they give for the Instinct isn't exactly glowing. I don't believe the several editors are on the same page, each list is done by a different editor.

    At least the Pre now the Pre+ has been listed there on the top 5 smartphone list for quite some time now.
    Best smartphones - CNET Reviews
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    Funny, because the Pre Plus comes in at No. 5 on the "Best Smartphones" list.
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