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    I am hoping to be upgrading from my Visor Pro to a Clie T615 (wouldn't you do the same if it was just going to cost you $80?) and I need some advice on getting all of my info from the Pro to the Clie.

    The challenge is that I will not have my Visor when I get the Clie, it is a trade in deal. I have to exhange the information without having both at the same time. I know I could set the hot sync name of the Clie to the current name of my Visor, but would this copy Handspring system files into the Clie and crash it? Could I set the system condiut to handheld overwrites desktop and all the rest to desktop overwrites handheld? I want to get all of my programs and their information from one unit to the other. For instance, I want to get my MPG program and the associated database so I won't have to start over.

    Any other ideas? Thanks guys.
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    The Upgrade process is pretty simple really. Just a few precaution steps before you begin.

    Here are links to two posts that should answer most, if not all, of the questions/concerns you have. I have gone through this and several others have also, all with good results.

    Take a look at the other threads and if you have specific questions then feel free to post them or send me an email.

    Thread One

    Thread Two
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    Just wanted to recommend that you read the two threads GSR13 points to. They made my transition from a Visor Deluxe to a Clie T615C absolutely seamless and faultless. I did exactly what the threads recommend, and it worked perfectly.

    Main trick was to remove any Visor-Specific files from the backup directory before re-synching with the Clie. After that, it's a cinch. In particular, I did not uninstall the Palm Desktop 4.01 for the Visor before installing the Sony Clie Desktop software over it. No problems whatsoever.

    You're going to enjoy that T615C... (All I want these days: a Stowaway Keyboard for the T-series/NR-70 series).
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    Thanks to my two esteemed colleagues and those two threads, my transition from a Platinum to the T615 was painless as well.

    Here’s the really good news…there is no looking back, it’s like entering a whole new world filled with possibilities. The Clie’s flat out ROCK.

    Make sure and do a backup...good to have around anyway...
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    Apparently I had my Visor to hacked for me to weed out any files that may cause conflict. I tried hot syncing with the same name, after trying to rid my backup folder of any Handspring files, but I kept getting memory errors on the Clie. Now I'm just going to start fresh and install everything manually. Oh well... I had too much junk anyways :-D

    So far the Clie is great... but I'm sure Handspring could do just as good with a high res color model running OS 5.
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