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    Got a Sony Clie 760 and really like it.
    Had a Prism w/Minijam and really liked the Music Match software. I also liked the minijam but issues sent me to the CLIE.
    Has anyone used the MusicMatch software with the 760?

    I not too keen on the Sony music software and would be interested in knowing if others are using alternative mp3 software. It is my understanding that I am stuck with the audioplayer on the 760 but can use other programs to record/manage/transfer the music on the PC.

    Any suggestions.
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    You can use any software you want to record and manage the music on the pc as long as it can encode at 44.1 kHz. Note that I am not talking about bitrate (kbps). AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $you$ $can$ $use$ $any$ $bitrate$. $I$ $have$ $personally$ $used$ $bitrates$ $between$ $64$ $and$ $128$ $kbps$.

    You can transfer the music to the CLIE with Audioplayer or MSMount.

    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $the$ $only$ $option$ $for$ $listening$ $to$ $music$ $on$ $the$ $CLIE$ $other$ $than$ $Audioplayer$ $is$ $CRSJukebox$. $I$'$ve$ $not$ $used$ $it$ $myself$ $though$ $nor$ $am$ $I$ $certain$ $that$ $there$ $are$ $not$ $other$ $options$.

    You may want to check out the CLIE Users Group and nXt's Clie club both at Yahoo.
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    For those with a CLIE 760 and wanting to use playlists, I found a solution. Hopefully this isn't "I already knew this" information and will be useful to some.

    I used MusicMatch back when I had a minijam and was curious if I could use it with the CLIE. As I have learned, I am not tied down to the Sony Software for recording MP3 files. So, I now use MusicMatch.

    I contacted customer support to see if the playlists could be transfered to the Sony and they gave me instructions on how to do this.

    Create your playlist. Connect the Sony to the computer. Open the AudioPlayer and under options, choose Transfer. As we all know this turns the CLIE into a removable drive. Go to MusicMatch and under the FILE menu, choose Export Playlist. Be careful and chose to transfer playlist "AS IS". If not it transfers the files as .WAV files. The playlist transfers to the Memory Stick and can be played in the order you arranged the songs in.
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    I did not already know that. Thanks!
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